College of Mechanical Engineering

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Professor Ma Hongwei



Ma Hongwei, a doctor of engineering, professor II, PhD Supervisor,now is theVice President of Xi'an University of Science and Technology,and hold aconcurrent posts as Vice Chairman of Shaanxi Postgraduate EducationSociety,Vice Chairman of Mining Machinery Branch of China ConstructionMachinery Society, Member of Electrical and Mechanical Expert Committee ofChina Coal Industry, etc.

  His main researchdirections include intelligent detection and control, robot technology,nondestructive testing and evaluation, coal mine mechanical and electricalequipment and its intelligence. In recent years, he successivelypresided over more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial scientificresearch projects represented by the Natural Science Foundation of China,suchas "Basic Research on Autonomous Navigation and Intelligent Control ofCoal Mine Rescue Robot","Research on Extraction and IntelligentRecognition of Ultrasound Signals for Defects of Machinery KeyParts","Research on Weak Magnetic Properties and IntelligentRecognition of Defects in Mine Strong Conveyor Belt",and also presidedover and participated in a number of entrusted projects of enterprises. He has won 6 provincial and ministerial awards for scientific and technologicalprogress, Shaanxi Excellent Teaching Achievement Award, 5 awards for excellentcourses and textbooks, and more than 40 national patents. Meanwhile,he has publishedmore than 150 academic papers in academic journals at home and abroad, of whichmore than 70 have been included in SCI, EI and ISTP,and he also has trainedmore than 120 Postgraduates with doctoral or master degrees. 


Professor Xue He



Xue He, male, born in July 1961, is adoctor, professor, PhD Supervisor, renowned teacher of the undergraduate ofXi'an University of Science and Technology,excellent tutor forpostgraduates,excellent scientific research worker,distinguished professor of "HanjiangScholar Program" of Shaanxi University of Technology,excellent returneesfrom overseas studies in Shaanxi province ,what's more he is entitled to the"Sanqin Talent Allowance". He iscurrently a member of the Academic Committee of Xi'an University of Science andTechnology, a academic leader in mechanical design and theoretical doctorstation, vice editor in chief of the Journal of Xi'an University of Science andTechnology, director of the Shaanxi Mechanics Society, etc. . FromOctober 2003 to October 2004, from March 2005 to November 2007, and from March2009 to November 2009, he has went to Northeast University of Japan three timesto engage in cooperative research.     


He mainly engaged in important mechanical structure safetyevaluation and coal mine mechanical and electrical equipment and other aspectsof the teaching and scientific research work. And he hasundertaken the teaching works of more than 10 courses,such as engineeringfracture mechanics, finite element method, mining machinery andothers,meanwhile has supervised and trained more than 40 doctoral (master)students, and the excellent rate of graduation thesis of all previousundergraduate students under his supervision is in the forefront of theirmajors, those theses have been included in the collection of excellentgraduation design (thesis) of Xi'an University of Science andTechnology,the  doctoral and master's theses directed by him have won manyawards of excellent degree thesis of Xi'an University of Science andTechnology. He presided over the completion of more than 20 projects, includingthe Natural Science Foundation of China(50875207, 11072191, 51475362),DoctoralFund of Ministry of Education of China (20136121110001), China-JapanInternational Cooperation Project, Natural Science Foundation of the formerMinistry of Coal, Shaanxi Natural Science Foundation and Enterprise CooperationProject,and published more than 160 academic papers and applied for more than30 patents; As the first accomplishor, he won the first prize of the 12thExcellent Academic Paper of Shaanxi Province, the first prize of scientific andtechnological progress of Xi'an City,and the first prize for Scientific andTechnological Progress in Colleges and Universities of Shaanxi Province.



Professor Guo Wei




GuoWei, Professor, PhD Supervisor,  Renowned Teacher of Shaanxi Province.From January 1992 to February 1997, he served as deputy director of theDepartment of Mechanical Engineering,and served as director of the Departmentof Mechanical Engineering from March 1997 to June 2002 ,and then from June 2002to November 2013, he served as the Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering.Now he is currently the academic leader of mechanical manufacturing andautomation in our university, the director of the center for post-doctoralstudies of mechanical engineering, the head of National CharacteristicSpecialty and Provincial Teaching Team of Machinery Manufacturing andAutomation, and the head of the Personnel Training Model Innovation Test Zoneat Provincial Level "Innovation Test Zone of Engineering Applied TalentsTraining Model Based on Mechanical and Electrical Characteristics of CoalMines". He is also a member of the 4th Coal Mine Mechanics ProfessionalCommittee of China Coal Society and the Manufacturing Technology ProfessionalCommittee of Chinese Association of Automation.

His main research directions include coal mining machinery andits automation, digital product design of coal mining machinery, testing andcontrol of mining machinery and equipment. He has won2 provincial science and technology prizes, 1 science and technology prize ofXi'an City and 2 second prizes of provincial teaching achievement . And he haspublished nearly 100 papers in domestic and foreign academic journals, amongwhich many has been included in SCI/EI , published two monographs, authorizedmore than 30 national invention patents and utility model patents. More than 100 of the postgraduate students he supervisedreceived master degrees in Engineering. He has successively offeredcourses for undergraduates, master and doctoral candidates in mechanicalmanufacturing technology, mechanical optimization design, advancedmanufacturing technology, principles and applications of creativity, innovativeengineering thinking and methods, innovative entrepreneurship education,mechanical engineering frontier, mining machinery and electronics frontiercourses. What's more ,he has won the honorarytitles of Outstanding Party Member of Shaanxi Provincial University System,Shaanxi Postgraduate Training Advanced Workers, Outstanding Teacher of Xi'anUniversity of Science and Technology, etc.



Professor Yang Laixia


1.Personal Profile

Yang Laixia, female, born in 1961, a doctor, professor, deputy director ofScience and Technology Department. She is mainly engaged in the research anddevelopment of rapid prototyping and mold manufacturing, during the period ofvisiting scholars in the United States from 2001 to 2004,she also carried outthe research on nanotechnology and hydrogen fuel cell. She has successivelyundertaken and participated in more than 10 projects above the provincial andministerial levels in China and the United States, applied for 11 patents inChina and the United States, published more than 50 related academic papers,developed 3 sets of rapid prototyping equipment, and formed aninterdisciplinary research team covering rapid prototyping, controlengineering, mechanical design and manufacturing, etc.

2. Educational Experience

·From1979 to 1983, Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Manufacturing, Department ofMechanical Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University.

··From 1987 to 1990, Master's degree in MechanicalEngineering, Mechanical Department, Xi'an Mining Institute .

·· From 1994 to 1998, PhD in Mechanical Engineering,School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University.

3. Research Experience

·· From 1983 to 1992,Assistant ,Department ofMechanical Engineering, Xi'an Mining Institute .

·· From 1992 to 1997,Lecturer, Department ofMechanical Engineering, Xi'an Institute of Science and Technology

··  From 1997 to 2002,Associate Professor,Department of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Institute of Science andTechnology.

·· From 2002 to 2012,Professor, School of MechanicalEngineering, Xi'an University of Science and Technology.

·· From 2001 to 2002, Visiting Scholar, University ofAuburn, United States.

·From 2002 to 2004,Visiting Professor and Researcher, North Dakota StateUniversity, United States.

4.Achievements in scientific research

①Yang Laixia, Huang Yekuang;Li Dichen. "Method and Device for Stereolithography Apparatus",Invention Patent, China, Patent No.: ZL2008 1 0017933.6, 2011

②YangLaixia, "Electrostatic Adsorption Rapid Prototyping Machine", UtilityModel, China, Patent No.: ZL 022351 79.5, 2002

③Laixia Yang and Bor Z. Jang,Infrared-Absorbing GlassMicro-spheres for Storing and Delivering Hydrogen to Fuel CellsUSPatent 20070063003USPTO

④Yang; Laixia; Bor Z. Jang.Dissolved fuel alkaline fuel cellUSPatent20060078764USPTO

⑤Laixia Yang and W. C. Huang. Local Vapor Fuel CellUSPatent20060164059USPTO

⑥Yang;Laixia;Guo; Jiusheng;(Fargo, ND); Jang; Bor Z.Nano-structuredion-conducting inorganic membranes for fuel cell applicationsUSPatent 20060078765USPTO

⑦Laixia Yang and Bor Z. Jang.ortable Hydrogen Generator and Fuelcell systemUS patent20070112635USPTO

⑧LaixiaYang, etc. Nano-Fabrication: A Review, Journal of theChinese Institute of Engineers, Vol.30, No.3, pp. 441-446 ,2007SCI,EI

⑨Presidedover many projects of Shaanxi Natural Science Foundation,such as:"Researchon a Method of Inhibiting Methanol Permeation in Direct Methanol FuelCells", "Research on Bionic Design Mechanism of Biomechanical-basedmandibular substitute", etc. ;

⑩Presidedover a special project of the Provincial Education Department, "Researchon Inhibition of Methanol Permeation in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells by LocalHeating Method" and a project of Research Initiation Fund for Returneesfrom Overseas Studies"Research on Methanol Penetration Inhibition inDirect Methanol Fuel Cells by Liquid Input Gaseous Reaction".

5.Contact Information

Tel:13572015481 Email:


Professor Zhang Xuhui


1.Personal Profile

ZhangXuhui,     a Doctor, Professor, and PhD Supervisor. He has received a doctorate in engineering from Xi'anJiaotong University in 2009. Currently,he is the dean of School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an University of Scienceand Technology, leader of young and middle-aged scientific and technologicalinnovation talents in Shaanxi Province, leader of key scientific andtechnological innovation team of intelligent detection and control of coal minemechanical and electrical equipment in Shaanxi , and executive deputy directorof Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Intelligent Monitoring of Mining Mechanical andElectrical Equipment. He is also the deputy secretary-general ofCoal Mining Machinery Branch of China Construction Machinery Society, executivedirector of Shaanxi Robot Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, executivedirector of Shaanxi Society for Vibration Engineering , member of ChineseSociety of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, and peer reviewer of IEEE ACCESS,Journal of Vibration Engineering, Journal of Vibration and Shock, Journal ofCoal Science and Technology, Industry and Mine Automation and other domesticand foreign periodicals. Mainly engaged in theresearch of mine equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, industrialequipment virtual simulation and remote control, electromechanical couplingmodeling and nonlinear dynamics, new energy harvesting technology and itsapplication, electromechanical products green design technology and evaluation. He has undertaken nearly 20 projectsat or above the provincial and ministerial levels, and more than 30 projectsinvolving scientific and technological cooperation with enterprises. What'smore he has won 9 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards and2 Shaanxi teaching achievement awards,participated in compiling 5 textbooks andwon 3 second prizes of excellent textbooks in Shaanxi Province. ,and granted morethan 80 national patents , among which including nearly 40 invention patents,meanwhile he has obtained 14 software copyrights and published more than 130academic papers.

2.Educational Experience

2004-2009,Xi'an Jiaotong University, Instrument Science and Technology, Doctor

1999-2002, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Machinery Manufacturingand Automation, Master

1992-1996,Xi'an Mining Institute, Mechanical Manufacturing Process and Equipment,Bachelor

3.Work Experience

2018-present,Professor, PhD Supervisor, Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'anUniversity of Science and Technology

2014-2017,Professor, Vice Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an University ofScience and Technology

2014-2016,Xi'an Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. Postdoctoral Centre, Postdoctor

2009-2012,Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Mineral Engineering PostdoctoralResearch Station, Postdoctor

2002-2008,Lecturer, Associate Professor,  Head of Department of Mechanical andElectrical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an University ofScience and Technology

4.Scientific Research Projects

[1]National Green Manufacturing Integration Project, Construction of Green DesignPlatform for Mining Equipment, JH [2017] No.327, RMB 1,400,000 Yuan,2017.08-2019.12

[2]Shaanxi Province Innovation Ability Support Plan Project, Key Scientific andTechnological Innovation Team for Intelligent Detection and Control of CoalMine Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, 2018TD-032, RMB 600,000 Yuan,2018.01-2020.12

[3]Shaanxi Key R&D Project, Research and Development of Intelligent PatrolRobot for Fully Mechanized Coal Mining Face, 2018ZDCXL-GY-06-04, RMB 900,000Yuan, 2018.01-2020.12

[4]Xi'an Industry-University-Research Institute Collaborative Innovation Plan(University Class), Development of Coal Mine Equipment Virtual Simulation andRemote Control System, CXY1519-42, RMB 120,000 Yuan, 2015.01-2016.12

[5]Key Science and Technology Project of the Ministry of Education, Research onSignal Processing and Intelligent Recognition of Defects in Weak Magnetic FieldTesting of Steel Wire Conveyor Belts, 211179, 2011.01-2012.12

[6]Joint Fund Project of NSFC, Research on Defect Magnetic Weakness Characteristicand Intelligent Recognition of Mining Strong Conveyor Belt U1361121,2014.01-2016.12  

[7]General Support of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Wireless MonitoringSystem and Method of Shearer Based on Vibration Energy Collection, 2015M582692, 2015.08-2016.03  

[8]Shaanxi Natural Science Basic Research Program Project, Research on KeyTechnologies of Intelligent Identification of Defects in Weak Magnetic FieldTesting of Steel Wire Rope Conveyor Belt, 2012JM8039, 2012.1-2013.12

[9]First-class funding for postdoctor scientific research projects in ShaanxiProvince, research on vibration wireless testing technology for key parts ofpiezoelectric self-capture coal mining machine, Shaanxi [2014] 907-201406,2014.07-2015.12 

[10]First Prize of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province, Research andApplication of Automatic Cutting Control Technology of Shearer Applicable toFew or Unmanned Working Face, 11/11, 2014

[11]Second Prize of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province, Research andApplication of Virtual Face Construction and Fully Mechanized Coal MiningEquipment Control Technology, 1/11, 2018

[12]Third Prize for Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province, Research andApplication of Key Technologies of Type MG1000/2550-GWD Super-high Shearer,7/11, 2017

[13] ThirdPrize for Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province, Development of EBZ320boom-type roadheader, 5/7, 2017

[14]Second Prize of Science and Technology of China National Coal Association,Research and Application of Virtual Face Construction and Fully MechanizedMining Equipment Control Technology, 1/11, 2018

[15]Third Prize of Science and Technology of China National Coal Association,Simulation Training System for Operation of Fully Hydraulic DirectionalDrilling Rig in Coal Mine, 4/9, 2016

[16]Second Prize of Xi'an Science and Technology, Intelligent Control System ofCoal Mine Automation Face Equipment, 1/9, 2017

[17]Second Prize for Science and Technology of Shaanxi Colleges and Universities,Research on Key Technologies of Micro Intelligent Gas Detection System, 1/6,2014

[18]Second Prize for Science and Technology of Shaanxi Colleges and Universities, VirtualSimulation and Remote Control Technology of Coal Mine Equipment and ItsApplication, 1/9, 2017

[19]Second Prize for Excellent Textbook of Shaanxi Province Ordinary Colleges andUniversities, Mechanical and Electrical Integration System Design, Editor,2009.

[20]Second Prize for Excellent Textbook of Shaanxi Province Colleges andUniversities, CNC Technology, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, 2011.


Contact information:

Tel: 13363975328


Professor KouFarong



1.Personal Profile

KouFarong,a Doctor, Professor, and PhD Supervisor. He has received a doctorate inengineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University in 2008. And he is currently the vice dean of the School ofMechanical Engineering at Xi'an University of Science and Technology. Also is the executive director of Society of AutomotiveEngineers of Shaanxi, director of Rotor Dynamics Branch of Chinese Society ForVibration Engineering, director of Mining Machinery Branch of ChinaConstruction Machinery Society, director of Mechanical Design Branch of ShaanxiMechanical Engineering Society, peer appraisal expert of Natural ScienceFoundation of China, part-time researcher of higher education of Xi'anUniversity of Science and Technology, Hu Yang Famous Teacher of Xi'anUniversity of Science and Technology.  He has been a peer reviewerof Journal of The Franklin Institute, Journal of Jilin University, Journal ofNanjing University of Science and Technology, Journal of Traffic andTransportation Engineering and other domestic and foreign periodicals.

His main research directions include vehicle system dynamics,vibration control and energy recovery, new energy intelligent networkautomotive technology and so on. And he lectures on vehicle systemdynamics, vehicle theory, vehicle vibration and other courses,has won 1 awardfor outstanding teaching achievements in Shaanxi Province and 6 awards forschool-level teaching and scientific research achievements. What's more he haspresided over 2 general projects of NSFC and more than 10 provincial andministerial projects; published more than 100 academic papers, among which morethan 50 papers are included in SCI/EI; and authorized more than 10 inventionpatents .

2. Educational Experience

2004-2008,Doctor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Mechanical and ElectricalEngineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University

2000-2003,Master of Vehicle Engineering, School of Automobile, Chang'an University

1993-1997,Bachelor of Automotive Engineering, School of Automotive Engineering,Xi'an Highway University

3.Work Experience

2018-present,Professor, PhD Supervisor, Vice Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'anUniversity of Science and Technology

2014-2017,Professor, Vice Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an University ofScience and Technology

2010-2014,Associate Professor, Head of Department of Vehicle Engineering,School ofMechanical Engineering, Xi'an University of Science and Technology

2013-2015,Shaanxi Automotive Group Co., Ltd. Mechanical Engineering PostdoctoralWorkstation,Postdoctoral

2009-2012, Mechanical Engineering Postdoctoral Research Station, School of Automobile,Chang'an University,Postdoctor

2003-2009,Teaching Secretary, Lecturer, School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'anUniversity of Science and Technology

4. Main Scientific Research Projects

[1]General Program of National Natural ScienceFoundation of China, 51775426, Research on Working Mechanism and CoordinatedControl of Vehicle Electromagnetic Linear Self-powered Hybrid ActiveSuspension, 2018/01-2021/12, RMB 600,000 Yuan,under research, presided over

[2]General Program of National Natural ScienceFoundation of China, 51275403, Research on Working Mechanism and CoordinatedControl of Vehicle Electrohydrostatic Self-powered Active Suspension,2013/01-2016/12, RMB 820,000 Yuan, completed, presided over

[3] Project of Doctoral Program Fund ofMinistry of Education, "New Teachers", 20126121120003, Research onWorking Mechanism and Control of Vehicle Electrohydrostatic Self-energizedActive Suspension, 2013/01-2015/12 , RMB 40,000 Yuan, completed, presided over

[4] Education Department of Shaanxi ProvincialGovernment Service Local Special Plan Project, 17JF017, Research andDevelopment of Automotive Energy-fed Magnetorheological Semi-active SuspensionSystem, 2017/06-2019/129, RMB 90,000 Yuan,under research, presided over

[5] Xi'an Science and Technology Plan Project,2017079CG/RC042-XAKD007, Development of Automotive Energy-fedMagnetorheological Semi-active Suspension System, 2017/01-2018/12 ,RMB 50, 000Yuan, under research, presided over

[6] Western Project of China PostdoctoralScience Foundation: 2014M552553XB, Research on Semi-active Suspension Controlof Vehicle Chassis Based on Magnetorheological Technology, 2014/10-2015/10, RMB50, 000 Yuan, completed, presided over

[7] General Program of China PostdoctoralScience Foundation, 20100481310, Research on Vehicle Semi-active SeatSuspension Control Based on Magnetorheological Technology, 2011/01-2012/07, RMB30,000 Yuan, completed, presided over

[8] General Program of Shaanxi Natural ScienceFoundation, 2014JM7271, Research on Semi-active Suspension Control of VehiclesBased on Self-powered Magnetorheological Shock Absorber, 2014/01-2015/12 ,RMB30,000 Yuan, completed, presided over

[9] Special Program for Scientific Research ofEducation Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government, 2013JK1008, Developmentof Semi-active Suspension System for Vehicle Chassis Based onMagnetorheological Shock Absorber, 2013/07-2015/07, RMB 20,000 Yuan, completed,presided over

[10] Special Program for Scientific Researchof Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government, 2010JK660,Development of Semi-active Control Seat Suspension Based on MagnetorheologicalDamper, 2010/07-2012/07, RMB 20,000 Yuan, completed, presided over

5. Representative Papers and Patents

[1] Fa-Rong Kou, Dong-Dong Wei, and Lei Tian. MultimodeCoordination Control of a Hybrid Active Suspension[J]. Shock and Vibration,2018(6): 16. (SCI收录)
[1]  Fa-Rong Kou, Dong-Dong Wei, and Lei Tian. Multimode CoordinationControl of a Hybrid Active Suspension[J]. Shock and Vibration, 2018(6):16.  ( included in SCI)

[2] KOU Fa-rong, WANG Zhe, DU Jia-feng, etal.Research on force tracking control of electrohydrostatic actuator activesuspension [J]. China Mechanical Engineering, 2017, 28 (24): 2964-2970. (included in EI)

[3] KOU Fa-rong, LIANG Jin, WEI Dong-dong, et al.Research on a parallelsemi-active suspension actuator [J]. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering,2017, 28 (19): 2318-2324. (included in EI)

[4]KOU Fa-rong, DU Jia-feng, WANG Zhe, etal.Nonlinear modeling and coordination optimization of electro-hydraulicsemi-active energy-fed suspension [J]. Chinese Journal of MechanicalEngineering, 2017, 28 (14): 1701-1707. (included in EI)

[5] Kou, F., Du, J., Wang, Z., et al. NonlinearModeling and Coordinate Optimization of a Semi-Active Energy RegenerativeSuspension with an Electro-Hydraulic Actuator[J]. Algorithms. 2018, 11(2):12.EI收录
[5]  Kou, F., Du, J., Wang, Z., et al. Nonlinear Modeling and CoordinateOptimization of a Semi-Active Energy Regenerative Suspension with anElectro-Hydraulic Actuator[J]. Algorithms. 2018, 11(2):12.(included in EI)

[6]KOU Fa-rong.Research on design and energyfeed of vehicle electrohydrostatic semi-active suspension [J]. Journal ofAgricultural Machinery, 2016, 47 (5): 352-359. (included in EI)

[7] Kou Fa-rong.Experimental study on dynamiccharacteristics of automotive magnetorheological semi-active seat suspension[J]. Automotive Engineering, 2015, 37 (11): 1346-1352. (included in EI)

[8]KOU Fa-rong.Development ofmagnetorheological semi-active seat suspension for vehicles [J]. Journal ofVibration and Shock, 2016, 35 (8): 239-244 (included in EI)

[9]  KOU Fa-rong.Design and test ofautomotive magnetorheological semi-active suspension system [J]. Journal ofAgricultural Machinery, 2016, 47 (4): 279-287 (included in EI)

[10]KOU Fa-rong, DU Jia-feng, ZHANG Chuan-wei,WANG Yong-zhi, WANG Yi-jia.Multi-mode switching control of electro-hydraulicself-powered vehicle active suspension [J]. Journal of Mechanical Science andTechnology, 2016, 35 (12): 1937-1943 (included in CSCD).

[11]KOU Fa-rong, WANG Zhe, FAN Yang-qiang, DUJia-feng, LI Dong.Research on time delay compensation control of EHAsemi-active suspension [J]. Automotive Technology, 2017 (10): 34-39. (includedin CSCD)

[12]KOU Fa-rong, REN Quan, FANG Tao, etal.Performance analysis and parameter optimization of linear motor suspensionactuator [J]. Mechanical Design, 2017 (12): 37-42. (included in CSCD)

[13] KOU Fa-rong.Active suspension actuatorwith self-powered function and its control method: Chinese invention patent,ZL201410603285.8 [P]. 2015-09-02,

[14] KOU Fa-rong.A self-powered vehiclevibration damper and its control method: Chinese invention patent,ZL201510945800.5 [P]. 2016-05-25,

[15] KOU Fa-rong.A multi-mode electromagneticenergy-fed vehicle active suspension actuator and its control method: Chineseinvention patent, ZL201510941785.7 [P]. 2016-08-24

[16]KOU Fa-rong.An electromagnetic energy-fedvehicle active suspension actuator and its control method: Chinese inventionpatent, ZL201510939810.8 [P]. 2016-07-06

[17]KOU Fa-rong, ZHANG Dong-dong.An energy-fedmagnetorheological elastomer vehicle vibration absorber and its control method:Chinese invention patent, ZL201510941283.4 [P]. 2016-08-24

[18]KOU Fa-rong, Di Jia-feng.Hydro-electricintegrated self-powered active suspension actuator and its control method:Chinese invention patent, ZL201610948331.7 [P]. 2017-05-24

[19]KOU Fa-rong, ZENGXian-zi.Magnetorheological semi-active seat suspension with compound energyfeed and its control method: Chinese invention patent, ZL201710792466.3 [P].2018-08-24

[20]KOU Fa-rong, CHEN Long. A self-poweredvehicle active suspension and its coordinated control method: Chinese inventionpatent, ZL201610814630.1 [P]. 2018-05-08

[21]KOU Fa-rong, LIANG Jin, WEI Dong-dong,TIAN Lei. Ball screw self-powered semi-active suspension actuator and itscontrol method: Chinese invention patent, ZL201710840990.3 [P]. 2018-05-15

[22]KOU Fa-rong, ZHANG Dong-dong.Double-fedmagnetorheological vibration damper with piezoelectric and electromagneticinduction and its control method: Chinese invention patent, ZL201610814626.5[P]. 2018-02-06

Contact Information:

Tel:1872 909 5156 Email:



Professor Cao Xiangang


※Personal Profile

CaoXiangang, male, born in 1970, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, PhD Supervisor.He is currently vice dean of the School ofMechanical Engineering. He is also an expert of mechanical andelectrical system technology in Equipment Management Branch of China NationalCoal Association, member of the Professional Committee of the Chinese Societyof Vibration Engineering, member of Production System Specialty Committee ofProduction Engineering Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society,executive director of Mechanical Engineering Test Technology ResearchAssociation of National Colleges and Universities, vice chairman of NorthwestBranch of Mechanical Engineering Test Technology Research Association ofNational Colleges and Universities, and the executive director of IndustrialEngineering Branch of Shaanxi Mechanical Engineering Society, etc. What's more he has trained more than 40 doctoral andmaster postgraduate students.

※Research Directions

1. Equipment health maintenance and management

2. Robot Technology

3. Intelligentization of coal mine electromechanical equipment

※Main Achievements

He has awarded the Xi'an University of Science and Technology Renowned Teacher            Award, the honorary title of "Advanced Individual in the Integration ofCoal Industry and Industrialization" of China National Coal Association,and won the second prize of Science and Technology Award of Shaanxi HigherEducation Institution,a first prize and a second prize of National CoalIndustry Education and Teaching (Staff Training) Achievements, respectively, 2second prizes for outstanding teaching achievements in Shaanxi Province, and 2special prizes for outstanding teaching achievements of Xi'an University ofScience and Technology.
And haspublished more than 30 papers in academic journals at home and abroad, andparticipated in the compilation of 7 textbooks and monographs,two of which areeditors-in-chief. Meanwhile he has won1 international invention patent and nearly 20 domestic patents. And his students have won the second prize of ChinaGraduate Student Electronic Design Competition, the first prize of NationalRobot Creative Design Competition and the second prize of Shaanxi MechanicalInnovation Design Competition.

Representative Achievements:

[1] Coal Mine Equipment Health Management Technology andApplication, Second Prize of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Higher EducationInstitutions, 2018

[2] Exploration and Cultivation of Engineering EducationReform and Application-oriented Talents in Mechanical Specialty of IndustryColleges and Universities, First Prize of National Coal Industry Education andTeaching (Staff Training) Achievement, 2017

[3] Explosion-proof robot for underground roadwaysuspension inspection, National Invention Patent, 2016

[4] A coal gangue separation system and separation method,National Invention Patent, 2018

[5] Facility health maintenance through SVR-driven degradationprediction. International Journal of Materials and Product Technology.2008,33(1/2)

OngoingScientific Research Projects:

1. Key Project of Natural Science Foundation of China: BasicTheoretical Research on Digital Coal Mine and Intelligent Mining, Subject No.:51834006

2. Project founded by National Natural Science Foundation ofChina: Research on Internal Defect Diagnosis Methods of IC Packages Based onAcoustic Microscopy Imaging, Subject No.: 61674121

3.Project founded by National Natural Science Foundation of China:HealthAssessment and Multi-objective Predictive Maintenance Decision of Fully MechanizedMining Equipment Group Driven by Multi-source Heterogeneous Data,SubjectNo.:51875451

4.Key R&D Program of Shaanxi Province: Research and Development ofMulti-manipulator Cooperative Coal and Gangue Sorting Robot,Subject No.:2018GY-160

※Contact Information

Office:Room 207, Mechanical College Building, Yanta Campus Tel: 029-85583056



Professor GongXiaoyan


GongXiaoyan, female, Han, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, PhD Supervisor. Mainly engaged in modern design methods, computer-aidedengineering analysis CAE (Engineering Finite Element Analysis), equipmentsafety analysis, equipment monitoring and early warning, intelligent decision-making and control as well as otheraspects of scientific research and teaching work. She has presided over more than 20 projects ofNational Nature Fund and Shaanxi Nature Fund,published more than 50 scientificpapers (more than 20 papers included in SCI/EI), and participated in thecompilation of 1 textbook. What's moreshe has won many science and technology awards,such as the first prize ofscience and technology from the Department of Education and the first prize ofscience and technology from Xi'an Municipality. And she has authorized more than 40 inventions, utilitymodel patents and software works.


Educational Experience

1986.9-1990.6: Bachelor degree in Mining Machinery, Xi'an MiningInstitute;

1990.9-1993.6: Master's Degree in Engineering, Mining Machinery,Xi'an Mining Institute;

2001.3-2005.12 Doctorate of Engineering, CAD\ CAM Institute,Xi'an Jiaotong University.

Research Experience

2006.11-present:Professor, Master Supervisor, PhD Supervisor, School of Mechanical Engineering,Xi'an University of Science and Technology;

2001.10-2006.11 Associate Professor and Master Supervisor,School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an University of Science and Technology;

1993.7-2001.11: Teaching Assistant and Lecturer ,School ofMechanical Engineering, Xi'an University of Science and Technology;

In the meantime:

2006.03-2006.10 Senior Visiting Scholar, Department ofIntelligent Machinery, Northeastern University, Japan

2017.09-2017.10 Senior Visiting Scholar, University of Brunel,UK

Major presided over scientific research projects

1.Presided over the Project founded by National Natural Science Foundation ofChina : Gas and Dust Coupled Transport Mechanism and Intelligent Control ofOptimal Flow Field of Airflow in Fully Mechanized Driving Face,2019/01-2022/12; (under research)

2.Presided over the key research and development plan of Shaanxi Province(2017GY-170), develop the omni-directional intelligent control device for airoutlet of Fully Mechanized Driving Face, 2017/01-2018/12; (under research)

3.Presided over the industrialization project of Education Department of ShaanxiProvincial Government, Research and Development of Air Flow AdaptabilityControl Technology and Device for Gas and Dust Reduction in Fully MechanizedDriving Face, 2018/1-2019/12; (under research)

4.Undertook the Project founded by National Natural Science Foundation ofChina:Environmental Cracking Mechanism and Life Prediction Method for KeyWelded Joints of LWR 2015/03-2018/04; (under research)

5.Undertook the NSFC-Royal Society International Collaboration Project:Quantitative Evaluation of Micro-driving Force of Environmental Cracking Tipfor Important Structural Materials in Nuclear Power Plant, 2018-2020; (underresearch)

6. Undertook and completed the Sino-Japanese cooperationproject: Analysis of Impact Characteristics of Chain Links and Formulation ofInternational Standards (perennial cooperation project with KITO Co., Ltd.,Japan, 4 items). (Completed) . 

Representative Papers

[1]GongX Y,Zhang X Y,Xia Z X, et al. Adjustment for the Optimum Distribution of Dustand Gas in Fully Mechanized Heading Face[C]. Applied Ecology and EnvironmentalResearch, 2018, 4985-5003.(included in SCI)

[2]Gong X Y, Li Y, Zhang Y Q. Structural Statics Analysisand Optimization Design of Regulating Device for Air Conveyer Outlet in CoalMine[C]. EDP Sciences, 2018, 153-158.(included in EI)

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