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Deepening College-local Cooperation and Promoting Integrated Development-- Miao Ji, Head of Lintong District, and His Party Visited Xi’an University of Science and Technology
2022-09-26 15:47  

      On the morning of September 20th, Miao Ji, Deputy Secretary of Lintong District Party Committee and head of Lintong District, Wei Yangyi, member of the Standing Committee of Lintong District Party Committee and deputy head of Lintong District, and their party came to our university for investigation. Lai Xingping, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of our university and president of our university, and Cao Ming, vice president of the university, received them. A conversation was held at the Coal Technical Center of Lintong Branch. The two sides had an in-depth discussion on the integration and development. Lai Xingping presided over the discussion.

Lai Xingping welcomed Miao Ji and his party on the half of the university, and expressed gratitude to the long-term support Lintong District Government made for the university. He pointed out that since Xi'an University of Science and Technology ran a branch campus in Lintong District, it has actively integrated into the overall economic and social development of the district and promoted the rapid development of education. He emphasized that there has been close cooperation between the university and the district, and there are broad prospects for cooperation. Under the major strategic needs of the country, relying on the advantages of science and technology and talents, and the advantages of historical and cultural resources, location and ecology of Lintong District, the university will accurately meet the economic, social and industrial needs of Lintong District, comprehensively deepen strategic cooperation, promote the sharing of university and local resources, and provide stronger support for the economic, social and industrial development of Lintong District.

Miao Ji, on behalf of the district government, thanked the university for its support in the development of Lintong District. He pointed out that the high-quality development of Lintong District cannot be achieved without the talents and intellectual support of Xi'an University of Science and Technology. At the new era of development, he hopes that both sides can seize the opportunities, make strong alliances and complement each other's advantages, and create an innovation platform of  mutual beneficial and mutual support. He emphasized that Lintong District will continue to support the development of the university. The district will fully consider the needs of the university development, support the construction of university projects, strengthen the comprehensive management of public security around the campus, promote new achievements in university-local cooperation, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the two sides.

Before the conversation, Miao Ji and his party visited the School History Museum, the Geological Museum and the Comprehensive Experimental Training Center of Coal.

The principals of Lintong District Government Office, Lintong Development and Reform Commission, Lintong Bureau of Resource Planning and Xiekou Sub-district Office attended the discussion. The directors of the Office of University Party Committee, the President's Office, the United Front Work Office, the Office of Campus Infrastructure and Planning and the Land Acquisition Office also attended the investigation.

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