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Xi'an University of Science and Technology Held the Unveiling Ceremony of Software College
2021-07-14 17:11  

On the afternoon of June 29, the unveiling ceremony of Software College of Xi'an University of Science and Technology was held in front of No.15 Teaching Building of Lishan Campus of Lintong District. The unveiling ceremony was presided over by Vice President Zhang Chuanwei, and attended by relevant school leaders, relevant personnel of Party Office, School Office, Office of Academic Affairs, Postgraduate School, Science and Technology Office, Office of Discipline Construction and Personnel Office, members of the Party and administrative team of College of Computer Science and Technology, directors of departments (offices and centers), branch secretaries, teachers' representatives and software major students.

Deng Jun, Vice President, read out the notice on the establishment of Software College, and Zhang Weihu, Vice President, and the head of College of Computer Science and Technology jointly unveiled it.

In his speech, Zhang Weihu put forward clear requirements for the development of Software College. He pointed out that the professional construction of the Software College should highlight its characteristics and deepen the integration of production and education and the reform of talent training mode. In the face of the talent demand for the development of the software industry in western China and the country, it shall take the demand for software talents in the smart mine and coal industry as the guidance, and aim to train "high-level, engineering and international software engineering talents". It is necessary to strengthen the integration of disciplines and specialties, enhance the software research and discipline characteristics of geology and mining industry, and finally build a model software college with distinctive characteristics under the goal of being approved as a first-level discipline point of software engineering doctoral program.

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