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Students from Xi'an University of Science and Technology Once Again Won the 2021 German IF Design Award for Rookies
2021-06-29 17:08  

Recently, the winners of the German IF Design Award 2021 were officially released. With the design of "Deformable bird’s nest", Zhao Tianxiang, a 2018 product design major student of Art College, won the German IF Design Award. This was the second time that art students in our university won this international honor after 2018.

The purpose of the design is to provide a nest that can be quickly built and installed for common or social birds. The bird's nest can be customized in production number and size according to needs. Birds rely on their own weight and the weight of the leaves to make the middle of the nest sink, so that the eggs can move to the middle and will not fall. The gap between the rings of the bird's nest plays a role in filtering water, so that there is no accumulated water in the bird's nest when it rains. The annular bird's nest can also block rain to a certain extent, and water storage tanks are arranged at both ends for birds to drink water.

After more than half a century's development, the German IF Design Award has become the vane of the global design industry, and is known as the "Oscar Award in Product Design Field". It highlights the outstanding design and high-quality experience of the winning works, and represents the reliable quality of consumers. It is famous for its "independent, rigorous and reliable" award concept. Zhao Tianxiang's work "Deformable bird's nest" stands out from nearly 10,000 works from 52 countries, and has been unanimously recognized by internationally renowned designers from various fields, and it deserves the honor.

In recent years, Art College students have won German IF Award, Red Dot Design Award in Germany and American IDEA Award for many times, which fully reflects the excellent professional ability and cutting-edge international vision of Xi'an University of Science and Technology students, and will further stimulate students' enthusiasm for participating in competitions and enhancing their professional ability, thus playing a good demonstration effect for the professional development of art students.



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