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Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization , XUST Is in Action—XUST Held A Special Seminar on "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization"
2021-06-10 17:07  

In response to the national call for building an ecological civilization system and the goal of "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization", on the morning of May 31, XUST held a special seminar on "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization" in the second conference room of Lintong Campus. President Lai Xingping, Vice Presidents Zhang Weihu, Wang Guirong, Deng Jun and Huang Yingwei, and Li Ming, former deputy secretary of the Party Committee and other leaders attended the seminar. Party School Office, Office of Academic Affairs, Science and Technology Office, Office of Discipline Construction, Postgraduate School, Planning Office, Personnel Office, Talent Office, Asset Management Company, State Key Laboratory Leaders, College Secretaries and Deans attended the seminar. Huang Yingwei presided over the seminar.


The meeting printed and distributed the conference and speech learning materials on "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization" from central and provincial party committees. Participants watched the news videos about "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization" and carefully understood the basic spirit and requirements of the work. The person in charge of the Science and Technology Office reported the policy background, scientific research situation, work conception and specific measures of XUST to promote the related work of "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization". Based on XUST's characteristic advantages and the overall goal of serving the high-quality development of Shaanxi regional economy, the reporter proposed to build a high-end energy generic technology R&D platform jointly driven by "innovation" and "double carbon", optimize and adjust the school's scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation layout centering on "double carbon drive". Moreover, the reporter advised to coordinate the "energy security" and the "dual carbon strategy" and put forward specific ideas and measures such as advisory services and humanities and social science research.


Subsequently, according to their respective research directions and work practices, the teachers' representatives including Liu Lang from College of Energy Engineering, Lin Haifei from College of Safety Science and Engineering, Zhang Yating from College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Cao Ping from College of Civil and Architectural Engineering, Wang Xinping from College of Management, Mao Qinghua from College of Mechanical Engineering, Hou Chentao from College of Geology and Environment, Shan Pengfei from Yulin Research Institute, Gao Xicai from Key Laboratory carried out in-depth discussions on the key research areas of "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization", and put forward ideas and suggestions for research. The teachers made detailed reports and exchanges around the theme of the conference from the perspectives of cinder solid waste disposal, carbon capture technology route setting, transformation research of Shaanxi energy industry, green and low-carbon development of coal, etc. Everyone prepared well and discussed deeply, which hit the working spirit and requirements of promoting the realization of the goal of "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization".

In his concluding speech, Lai Xingping fully affirmed the active efforts made by the whole university in implementing the working spirit of "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization" since the previous stage, and expressed his gratification and encouragement to the wonderful speeches of young teachers. He pointed out that "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization" is a major strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core after careful consideration, and it was included in the overall layout of ecological civilization construction, which will definitely have a profound impact on social economy, industrial structure, scientific research fields, etc. It is of great significance to carry out relevant research for promoting economic and social green transformation and systematic and profound changes, and it is closely related to Xi'an University of Science and Technology, which is characterized by geology and mineral resources, safety and related disciplines. He emphasized that government departments at all central and provincial levels should attach great importance to this work, hold work deployment meetings with high standards, and promote "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality" with strong policies. As a coal university, Xi'an University of Science and Technology must take the initiative to face the major strategic needs of the country and local governments, closely adhere to the "3060 Double Carbon Goal", seize the opportunities, make precise efforts, carry out in-depth research on "carbon reduction" fields such as "oil-rich coal resources development", "rational disposal of coal gangue" and "rural revitalization", implement the goal of "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization" with solid and effective scientific research results, and provide intellectual support for local economic development and transformation in Shaanxi with practical actions of low carbon and carbon reduction.


When talking about specific measures to promote work, Lai Xingping emphasized that XUST should actively support key disciplines, key platforms and young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, encourage outstanding researchers and teams to take the initiative to select scientific research directions under the goal of "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality", and solve key issues in national and local development strategies. It is necessary to extensively carry out the popularization and publicity of "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality", transform the vision of "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality" into the consensus of teachers and students and scientific research, and create a strong atmosphere for the whole university to pay attention to and promote green development. It is necessary to promote the transformation of scientific research achievements with the courage to innovate and the updated working procedures, and strengthen the construction of an open sharing platform incorporating "government, industry, university and research" in combination with the spirit of "Qin-Chuang-Yuan Innovation Driven Platform Construction Work Conference" just held by the university, so as to jointly build a technical community and a community of shared destiny for the transformation of scientific research achievements. Finally, Lai Xingping said, on the occasion of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party, Xi'an University of Science and Technology actively responded to the call of the state and discussed the realization path of the goal of "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality" in coal and related industries, which reflected the responsibility of XUST people. It is hoped that teachers and students can take the initiative to interpret the initial mission of promoting education to serve the country with "XUST Action" and make positive contributions to the realization of the national goal of "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality".

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