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President Lai Xingping and His Party Went to Changwu County for the 7th Poverty Alleviation Day
2020-11-16 15:00  

On October 16, on the eve of the 7th National Poverty Alleviation Day, President Lai Xingping, Vice President Zhang Weihu and Li Ming, the former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of our university, went to Yuyuan Village, Changwu County, to attend a series of activities of the heart-warming programs and charity donations at supermarkets.Dai Jianmin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Changwu County People's Congress, Shang Jun, deputy director of the Education Bureau, Li Yong and Li Ning, mayor and deputy mayor of Xianggong Town, Changwu County, Liu Hongliang, Party branch secretary and director of village committee of Yuyuan Village, heads of the organization department, personnel department, trade union and logistics group of our university and all members of the task force involved in the activity.

President Lai Xingping and his entourage first came to Yuyuan Village Happiness Yard to visit Liu Hanjie and Wang Quanhu, two poor households, and sent them cotton bedding and other daily necessities.At their houses, President Lai Xingping inquired about their current situation and difficulties, encouraging them to face the difficulties and proceed with confidence, and working with the Party and the whole country for a better and happier life.At the Yuyuan Village Wanquan Primary School, President Lai Xingping visited the teachers of the sports department and encouraged them to give full play to the school's educational and teaching advantages and strive to provide better education and guidance for the students.In the meanwhile, the president and his party also visited the three poverty alleviation cadres stationed in Yuyuan Village, Changwu County of our university.

Later, a donation activity was held in the square of Yuyuan Village Committee. Rice, oil, laundry detergent, toilet paper, ballpoint pens and other items were donated to the Love Charity Supermarket, and 26 sets of bedding was donated to 26 households living in the Happiness Yard.

Following the donation ceremony, a joint forum between Xi'an University of Science and Technology and Changwu County People's Government on poverty eradication was held in the conference room of Yuyuan Village Committee.The first secretary of our university in the village reported on the latest developments of the assistance work in the village in 2020, then relevant leaders of Changwu County made speeches in succession.In his speech, President Lai Xingping stated that, since the beginning of this year, in thoroughly studying and implementing the important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping in his speech delivered amid his visit to Shaanxi and his important expositions on poverty alleviation, our university, closely adhering to the "six precision" requirements on poverty alleviation, have made overall arrangements for this respect in 2020. As a result, our entire university has gained better understanding of the poverty eradication work, and selected more task forces to the village. In doing so, we hoped to fully ensure the effectiveness of our poverty alleviation work by sending more leaders to the frontline, giving full play to the advantages in education and science and technology, and providing more funds.

President Lai Xingping stressed that 2020 marks the year of completing building a moderately prosperous society and the last year of the 13th Five-Year Plan. It is also the year when the poverty alleviation campaign will end. We, therefore, should deliver satisfied solutions to the required question of poverty eradication, as well as the additional question of epidemic control. On the one hand, we should help the remaining poor to get rid of poverty, and on the other, we should consolidate the achievements already attained.Victory in overcoming poverty is in sight, and the revitalization of the countryside is inspiring.At a new starting point, we will unswervingly implement the various decisions and arrangements entrusted to us by the CPC Central Committee, with the spirit of "breaking through", "innovating" and "struggling", striving to compile more "poverty alleviation stories", and create new and greater achievements in the year when the decisive battle against poverty eradication is about to end.

The heads of the Party committees and general Party branches of our university which have been assigned partner assistance tasks carried out activities to send rice, oil, cotton-padded clothes, heaters and other items to poor households, and purchase agricultural and sideline products from them, of which the logistics group purchased more than 3,600 kg of Changwu apples.

In addition, our university signed the Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation of High-quality Agricultural Products with Changwu County, and continued to buy agricultural and sideline products in poor areas via the e-commerce platform backed by our university, poverty alleviation supermarkets set up at the family member courtyard and welfare procurements of the trade union, and live commerce of the poverty alleviation cadres.

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