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Xi'an University of Science and Technology Held Cadre Appointment Announcement Conference
2020-11-16 14:58  

On the morning of October 12, our university held a meeting in First Conference Room of Yanta Campus to announce the decision of the provincial Party committee on the appointment and dismiss of relevant cadres.Wang Jianli, secretary of the Work Committee for Provincial Education Committee, Zhang Qing, director of the Propaganda and Education Cadre Department of the Provincial Committee, Guo Qiang, minister of the Organization Department of the Work Committee for the Provincial Education Committee, all university leaders, and Party and government leaders of all units and departments attended the meeting.

Zhang Qing read out the decision of the provincial Party committee: comrade Jiang Lin was appointed as Party Secretary of Xi'an University of Science and Technology and no longer held the post of President; comrade Lai Xingping was appointed as the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xi'an University of Science and Technology and a candidate for President; comrade Li Shugang was relieved from the post of Party Committee member of Xi'an University of Science and Technology and no longer served as the Vice President.

In his speech, Wang Jianli fully affirmed our work done in recent years.He pointed out that the provincial Party committee's decision on adjustment of the leadership of Xi'an University of Science and Technology was made on the basis of overall consideration, overall arrangement and careful study according to the needs of the work.As a well-known expert in national security, Comrade Li Shugang has made positive contributions to the reform and development of our university, and he hopes to contribute his share to the education, teaching and scientific research of our university in the following days.Being politically firm, fair and decent, and with immense responsibility, Comrade Jiang Lin is able to see the big patterns; And Comrade Lai Xingping has a clear thinking, and is honest and upright. He always maintains a solid working style and has the courage to bear his responsibilities and exercise management no matter what others might think.The provincial Party committee believed that Comrade Jiang Lin is a good fit for the Party Secretary and Comrade Lai Xingping for the President of the university.He hoped that all the faculty and students will continue to support their work.He also hoped that Jiang Lin and Lai Xingping will take responsibility to innovate, unite and lead all cadres, teachers and students to seize opportunities and create a better future for the university.

Regarding the study and execution of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during his visit to Shaanxi and strengthening the construction of university leadership, Wang Jianli proposed to take political construction as the guide to effectively strengthen the Party's overall leadership over university work; focus on ideological and political education to implement the fundamental task of cultivating talents with virtue; root in cohesion to further improve the school running ability; take work style construction as the starting point to meet the requirements of all-round and strict party management and in-depth development.

Wang Jianli hoped that Xi'an University of Science and Technology would, by adhering to the excellent school spirit of "unity, diligence, factualism and innovation" and "inspirational and ceaseless self-improvement" and with the ambition and vision of being a trendsetter of the times, strive to construct itself into a first-class and distinctive high-level teaching and research university in China and contribute its share for an educationally strong province.

Jiang Lin resolutely supported the decision of the provincial Party committee when presiding over the meeting.He said that the development of the university could not be separated from the correct leadership of the provincial government and the committee, the unity and hard work of all cadres, teachers, students and employees, and the dedication of successive leading groups.Comrade Zhou Xiaode, who recently withdrew from the leadership position, led and promoted the comprehensive reform of the university with foresight and strategic vision; Comrade Li Ming has promoted the high-quality development of the university with excellent work of Party building; Comrade Li Shugang has promoted the rapid development of school planning, discipline development and postgraduate education with rich management experience and profound knowledge base.Their outstanding contribution is worth remembering by all members of the university.The university's leading body will further improve its political stance and fulfill its mission of cultivating talents with virtue; strengthen the sense of responsibility, seize every opportunity to catch up and surpass others; build a united, pragmatic and diligent leading body; adhere to and strengthen the leadership of the Party, and promote the all-round and strict administration of the Party.Moving forward, by uniting and leading all teachers and students, the leading body will strive to bring new glories to the university, and build the university into a first-class high-level teaching and research university with distinctive features in China.

In his statement, Lai Xingping expressed his support for the decision of the provincial Party committee, thanked the organization for its trust, and leaders at all levels, all teachers and students for their care, support and assistance.He said that he cherished this opportunity to contribute his share to his alma mater and showed his determination to stick to his original aspiration, fulfill his mission, be diligent in learning to improve ability, take on responsibilities, be strict with himself and honest in performing his duties, carry forward the spirit of "moving to the west" and "inspirational and ceaseless self-improvement" of his alma mater, work with all teachers and students to overcome difficulties, and write a new chapter for the university to catch up and surpass peers in the new era.

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