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Transmitting a Care, Inheriting a Belief and Spreading a Hope--Sidelights of the First Back-to-school Season for All Staff to Enter Qinhan Campus
2020-11-16 14:55  

In September, the cool autumn wind brought the motherland out of harm's way.The newly refurbished Lintong Campus and Qinhan Campus welcomed the teachers and students who had been long separated from them, embraced the new friends who moved here, and looked forward to meeting freshmen of 2020.With a neat collection of buildings, clean roads, and green trees, everything here is brand new.This is a place that is concerned about and valued, because it breeds the future prospect of Xi'an University of Science and Technology.

The silent campus became lively again with the arrival of teachers and students from Lishan Campus.Their moving and settling down here represent not only a test that the Art College and Management College need to endure, but also the concerns of the leaders and management committee of Qinhan Campus.To help teachers and students adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, the campus strengthens humanistic care and provides better services on the basis of facilitating infrastructure construction.

From September 1 to 3, President Jiang Lin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Li Ming, Vice President Lai Xingping and Wang Guirong came to Qinhan Campus to check the preparation work for opening, hold teacher-student symposium to understand their needs in detail, and respond to their opinions and problems raised in a targeted manner.Accompanied by heads of the Party School Office, the Publicity Department, the Office of Student Affairs, the School Youth League Committee, the Office of Academic Affairs, the Graduate School, the Asset and Logistics Management Office, the Security Office, the Information Network Center, the Qinhan Campus Management Committee and other relevant units, the university leaders visited the teaching buildings, canteens and dormitories for investigations and inquiries, so as to obtain first-hand information on campus construction.By having cordial and friendly talks with teachers and students either during walking or at the symposium, they sent warmth and care to them.They came with encouragement and care and took away more than 120 heavy opinions and suggestions from teachers and students.It was urgent to solve the problem. On September 7, the Qinhan Campus Work Promotion Meeting was held again to report the progress of the rectification work and require all units to solve the problems for teachers and students.On September 10, President Jiang Lin came to the Qinhan Campus again to inspect the implementation of various tasks. He increased the amount of campus network traffic flow greatly to students and worked to solve the long-standing problems in the surrounding environment together with the government. The school handled problems one by one, conveying its care and love for teachers and students living in the Qinhan Campus.

In fact, this strong affection has been integrated into the planning and construction of Qinhan Campus from the very beginning.The efforts to build a smart campus have been realized and people were impressed by the fast infrastructure construction. In addition, the university has been promoting the development of functional setting and coordination mechanism among multiple campuses. After all, building a campus satisfactory to teachers and students is the pursuit of the school from beginning to end.The long-idle campus has been re-planned and opened, the overgrown venues have been covered by sports facilities, the venues in a state of disrepair and classrooms have been redecorated and painted, and brand-new teaching buildings and dormitories have been built. All teachers and students of the two colleges have moved in on schedule, and the construction of comprehensive service hall has been completed. From dusty sites to brand-new facilities and buildings, everything has changed within just one year.It is a sense of urgency that contributed to the fast constructions. It is the "Speed of Xi'an University of Science and Technology" that embodies the school spirit of "striving for persistence and self-improvement". It is the endogenous power and development belief that the school has carried forward for more than 60 years.From the establishment of the ancient city of the school to the name change twice, from the side of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda to the bank of Huaqing Pool, from the foot of Lishan Mountain to the Qinhan Campus, the school has experienced refinement again and again, and has continued to live and grow.

In 2020, standing in front of the Qinhan Campus, we witnessed the complete entry of two universities, the completion of phased construction of the whole campus, and the entry of the first batch of new students with dreams. We can't help but lament the past and imagine the future.We once lived in an unpleasant place, and we have also been in Lishan.Today, it inherits the spirit of pioneers and works together to enlighten people in the Qinhan Campus. This is a beginning and a new bud, but with persistent efforts and wisdom, it will eventually grow into a big tree and bear fruit.This is the case with Yanta Campus and Lishan Campus, the same goes for Qinhan Campus.It may not be perfect at present, but please don't ignore those efforts from scratch.If many of its aspects still need to be improved, may we all be fellow travelers in this pioneering road.This is undoubtedly an exploration, but faith will give us courage and hard work will bring happiness.

The hard-won opening season in 2020 is worth remembering for teachers and students who have withstood the test of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first new semester after all the staff have settled in is also of profound significance to the Qinhan Campus."Great historical progress is always made after calamity," General Secretary Xi Jinping said during his visit to Shaanxi.I believe that teachers and students who have experienced the test of this epidemic will know truly understand how precious this brand-new campus is and the significance of teaching, scientific research and quiet reading.However, this new campus built by the Xi'an University of Science and Technology with hard work also cherishes every teacher and student they meet: the school is concerned about everyone's feelings and pays attention to every suggestion.As an old saying goes, "teaching and learning complement each other", which expresses people's expectations for ideal teaching.In fact, the same goes for a campus and its teachers and students.  A harmonious campus protects the peace of the classroom. The love of teachers and students adds to the beauty of the campus. The mood changes with the change of environment, which is created by oneself. You and I witnessed the unusual start of 2020 together, and jointly won the victories in pandemic fight, college entrance examination, resumption of studies and new student orientation, offering a hope for making new progress.Just like the words on the school welcome banner; "After the pandemic, one should stay committed to achieve academic success and assume more responsibilities of building great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. One should also prepare for the crucial test, observe the general trend, read books, and show patriotism and nationalism." Hope always lies in young students and in a brand-new and pioneering world.

Qinhan Campus has great potential. Let's encourage each other and learn from each other in the future.

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