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Ten Major Events of Xi'an University of Science and Technology in 2019
2020-01-08 10:42  

In 2019, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Xi'an University of Science and Technology conscientiously implemented the spirit of the national and provincial education conferences, steadily advanced the education themed "Remaining True to Our Original Aspiration and Keeping Our Mission Firmly in Mind", made every effort to build a strong position for the leadership of the Party, deepened the comprehensive reform of education in an all-round way, strove to improve the ability and quality of personnel training, accelerated the pace of building a first-class high-level teaching and research university with distinctive features in China, and has strove to achieve a good start to the journey of a cycle of sixty years.Looking back on 2019, ten major events have witnessed the splendidness of Xi'an University of Science and Technology!

I. Xi'an University of Science and Technology has become a university jointly established by the ministry and the province, and its future on crossing development is promising

In October 2019, the Ministry of Emergency Management and Shaanxi Provincial People's Government signed a contract to jointly establish Xi'an University of Science and Technology, support Xi'an University of Science and Technology to strengthen its disciplinary advantages, build the College of Emergency Management (Xi'an), strengthen the training of emergency management personnel, enhance its scientific and technological innovation capacity, and give full play to its role as a think tank and improve the strength and level of running a school in an all-round way. With theses measures, both sides aim to build the Xi'an University of Science and Technology into a characteristic base for personnel training and a scientific and technological innovation base in the field of emergency management.In December, Xi'an Municipal People's Government, Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government and Shaanxi Provincial Emergency Management Department signed a contract to jointly build the College of Safety Science and Engineering of Xi'an University of Science and Technology, jointly build the College of Safety Science and Engineering of Xi'an University of Science and Technology into a demonstration base for talents training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and innovation, and international exchanges and cooperation in the field of safety and emergency management in western China, providing strong talents guarantee and scientific and technological support for the safe development of industries and cities in western China.

II. The education themed "Remaining True to Our Original Aspiration and Keeping Our Mission Firmly in Mind" has been implemented thoroughly and intensively

In 2019, the Party committee of the university thoroughly implemented the central decision-making arrangements and the work requirements of the provincial party committee, focused on the main theme line, strictly abode by the general requirements of "Remaining True to Our Original Aspiration, Undertaking the Responsibilities, Discovering the Gap and Grasping the Implementation", adhered to the socialist direction of running a school, implemented the fundamental task of cultivating students' morality, and promoted the four key measures of learning education, investigation and research, examining problems, rectification and implementation as a whole, promoting the theme education to be implemented deeper and more through.By implementing the "seven studies" model of centralized demonstration study, training and guidance study, "reading" exchange study, combining festival study, innovative formal study, model guidance study and grassroots diversity study, the "depth" in learning and education has been promoted.By making good use of the historical investigation and research data, the university has conducted 365 investigations around 80 research topics, formed 127 research reports, held 27 achievements exchange meetings, established and perfected 23 systems, and promoted the "intensity" of investigation and research.Through "extensive listening", "careful searching" and "leaders' suggesting", 170 problems were found, the project-based implementation was adopted to ensure the quality of livelihood projects, 123 livelihood projects were completed, and the rectification and implementation with "temperature" were promoted.By building consensus on development, and strengthening scientific governance, the "height" of inclusive development has been promoted.

III. The fundamental task of cultivating students' morality has been implemented and the horn of first-class undergraduate education has been winded

The year of 2019 is the year of building first-class undergraduate education in the university. By fully implementing the spirit of the National Education Conference, the university has created a new situation of first-class undergraduate education.A first-class undergraduate education conference was held, and the First-class Undergraduate Education Action Plan of Xi'an University of Science and Technology (2018-2022) was released and implemented. Eight specialties were approved as the first batch of national first-class undergraduate specialty construction sites.Ten provincial education reform projects and seven provincial teaching achievement prizes have been approved, and all of them have the best quality and quantity over the years.The university co-organized the provincial semi-finals of the 5th China College Students' "Internet Plus" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Shaanxi Province, winning 1 silver medal and 6 bronze medals in the national competition. The number of national awards tied for the first place among the universities in province, realizing the breakthrough of the highest award in the provincial universities of the international track and the national award of the "Youth Red Dream Building Tour" track.

IV. The scale and quality of scientific research hit a record high, and the ability of scientific and technological innovation continued to increase

The university deepened the reform of the scientific research system, comprehensively improved the ability and level of scientific and technological innovation, and achieved remarkable results.946 vertical and horizontal scientific research projects have been set up, with the contract amount exceeding 300 million yuan and the amount received exceeding 200 million yuan.The university has obtained 66 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and 3 projects funded by the National Social Science Fund of China. The number of projects funded by the National Fund has reached a record high over the years and has entered the top three universities in the province.Four major horizontal contracts worth more than 10 million yuan have been signed, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of university has reached a new level.The "Intelligent Mine Underground Integrated Perception Technology Innovation Team" and "Coal-based Functional Carbon Material Innovation Team" have been approved as key science and technology innovation teams in Shaanxi Province.

V. Focus on the introduction of high-level talents, and the demonstration leading role is prominent

The university implemented the strategy of "Strengthening the University with Talents" and vigorously attract and cultivate high-level teachers.In the whole year, 54 doctors were signed and introduced. Professor Bi Yinli was approved as a "Changjiang Scholar" and 2 new double employed academicians were added. The leading role of higher talents was prominent.

VI. Focus on building "Six Highlands" to comprehensively improve the service level of students' work management

By insisting on taking ideological and political education as the main line, earnestly promotes the refinement, scientization and branding of students' work, and focusing on building "six highlands" of academic assistance, employment service, financial aid and education, psychological education, team building and social practice, the management and service level of students' work was comprehensively improved.The university continued to promote the "Five Leading Projects" in building study style based on the "One-day Living System"; further enriched the ideological and political work team and implemented the "Double Identity" and "Double Promotion" of counselors.The employment rate of 2019 graduates ranked in the front among the colleges and universities in the province, and 100% of the graduates with filing cards have been employed.The university was appraised as "Excellent Unit for Student Financial Assistance in Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi Province", "Advanced Collective for Employment Information Work in Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi Province", "Advanced Unit for Conscription Work in Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi Province", "Advanced Unit for Social Practice Activities of Culture, Science, Technology and Health in Summer Holiday for College and University Student Volunteers in Shaanxi Province", "May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee in Coal Industry in China" and "Advanced Unit of Communist Youth League Workers in Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi Province".

VII. The award of pacesetter has been granted, and the remarkable results on constructing ideological and political course has been achieved

The Party committee of the university attached great importance to the construction of ideological and political theory courses, and took the implementation of the important speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the teachers' forum of ideological and political theory courses in the university as its primary task, giving full play to the basic role of the key courses of moral cultivation, and striving to promote the quality and efficiency of ideological and political work.By implementing the "Four Wells" (the university runs well, the college manages well, the teacher teaches well, and the student learns well) ideological and political courses, the university created excellence, promoted the implementation of the "Ten Major Projects" for the construction of ideological and political courses, carried out "Great Training" for teachers of ideological and political courses, cultivated excellent courses, set up expert teams to guide and polish courses, participated in competitions in China and the province, and make double breakthroughs in national and provincial awards. One teacher of the university won the first prize in the national ideological and political theory course teaching demonstration activity in colleges and universities, and three teachers won the honorary titles of ideological and political course teaching pacesetter and course education teaching pacesetter in Shaanxi Province.

VIII. Carry forward the spirit of patriotism by singing My Motherland and Me

The university conscientiously implemented the Outline for the Implementation of Patriotism Education in the New Era and held a series of activities in combination with the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China to cultivate the patriotism of teachers and students and encourage their ambition to make the country stronger.The university filmed and produced the video work Remaining True to Our Original Aspiration, produced and released the flash work My Motherland and Me, held the special activity titled "I Love China"- My Motherland and Me · Schools in Shaanxi Province, and completed the special recording of the all-media inspirational education activity We Are all Successors.15 people won the commemorative medal on "Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China" issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council and Central Military Commission.Through a variety of activities and the singing of My Motherland and Me, the patriotism was deeply rooted in everyone's mind, providing a strong spiritual impetus for the realization of the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.

IX. Write a new chapter of people's livelihood happiness by complying with the expectations of teachers and students

Changes occur every day, and happiness arises spontaneously.The university vigorously promoted people's livelihood projects, accelerated the pace of construction of various projects based on the concerns of teachers and students, and continuously improved teachers and students' happiness and sense of acquisition.The university allocated 842 housing units for faculty and staff, solving the housing problem for most staff.Elevators have been equipped to three units of the Family Building in South Court, which have been completed, accepted and put into use.The Qinhan Campus has been officially opened, and the undergraduate freshmen in 2019 from the College of Management and the Art College have been successfully settled in.The university has completed the installation of air conditioners in student apartments in Lintong Campus and the provision of direct drinking machines, intelligent washing machines, protective nets, hair dryers, shoe washing machines and other facilities, enabling students truly feel the new logistics services in the new era.

X. All departments of university made concerted efforts to create a "civilized campus" in education system

In 2019, the university has listed the establishment of a "civilized campus" in the education system of Shaanxi Province as its annual priority. According to the work requirements and evaluation index system, the university has put forward the "1234" work objectives, formulated the implementation plan, clarified the work priorities, and executed them level by level. Through the cooperation and participation of the whole teaches and students, the university found out the gaps, made up the shortcomings, ensured the standard of 120 observation points, strengthened the creation of atmosphere, produced and issued more than 2,000 copies of publicity brochures, and used various media platforms to vigorously publicize the creation work.The Civilized Campus Acceptance Expert Group of Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government highly affirmed the university's works on the establishment, laying a solid foundation for the next step of establishing a "Civilized Campus" in Shaanxi Province.

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