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Our University Won the First Prize of the Champion Challenge of World Robot Competition-Industrial RobotDesign Competition
2019-09-25 09:14  


The 2019 World Robotics Congress, hosted by the Peoples Government of Beijing Municipality, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Association for Science and Technology, and the China Electronics Society, was held at the Beijing International Exhibition Center on August 20. As one of the worlds most important robot competitions, the Robot Industrial Design Competition was held at the same time. With two teams participated in the Championship Challenge, our university won the first prize, third prize and the honorary title of "Best Creative Award", respectively.


After the on-site voting by mass media and audiences, on-site display and technical defense, two-day fierce competition was implemented for the robot industry design competition of 2019 World Robot Contest among the participating teams in terms of project background, market positioning, technical support, application prospect, project design, commercial value and team structure.In the defense, the judges highly appraised the works of the participating teams of our university, highly recognized the effect of demonstration and the contents of report, and also put forward many constructive suggestions for our participating projects.


This competition aims to response and deepen the comprehensive reform of higher education, stimulate the level of discipline and innovation of college students, and cultivate new forces who dare to be the first.Our university will continue to build a more comprehensive and professional innovation-oriented education, promote scientific and technological innovation, and encourage the youth to strive to realize their dreams and make contributions to the new era.



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