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Official WeChat of Xi’an University of Science and Technology Won 2018-2019---"Top 100 University Official WeChat in China"
2019-09-25 09:13  


On August 20, the 2019 University Media Elite Meeting and National Forum for Promoting New Media in Universities, jointly organized by China Youth Daily and China Youth University Media, was opened in Hangzhou with the participation of new media operators from more than 200 universities across the country.The official WeChat of Xian University of Science and Technology was honored as the "Top 100 Official WeChat Universities in China" in 2018-2019.


The official WeChat of Xian University of Science and Technology was officially launched in 2015, which remained committed to release high-quality contents to speak for Xian University of Science and Technology, tell its stories with innovative thinking, satisfy teachers and students with thoughtful service and cultivate students by morality, gradually developing the operation and maintenance concept of "Four micro-experiences" and "Leading by five hearts". It has won the Top Ten Awards for New Media Operation in Universities in 2017 and 2018, and the Excellence Award for New Media Operation in Universities in 2016, and ranked into the star list of universities in the western region with the influence of Internet Plus Campus of Tencent Micro School.


It is reported that, in order to reflect the influence of university official WeChat, China Youth Daily collected big data from the background based on the number of articles published by an official WeChat account, number of reading times, WCI index and other indicators since 2014, published the influence rankings of national universities official WeChat account and corresponding article reading rankings every week, and finally selected the annual rankings of Chinese university official WeChat and microbloggers on the basis of weekly and monthly rankings.


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