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“Dream Back to Chang’an—Return of Millions of Alumni” First Session of Alumni Entrepreneur Alliance of Xi’an University of Science and Technology and Alumni Economic Chang’an Forum
2019-09-25 09:13  


On August 11, sponsored by Xian University of Science and Technology, Xian Office of Science and Technology (Xian Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs) and Xian Bureau of Investment and Cooperation, "Dream Back to Changan—Return of Millions of Alumni" First Session of Alumni Entrepreneur Alliance of Xian University of Science and Technology and Alumni Economic Changan Forum were held at Lishan, Lintong Campus of Xian University of Science and Technology by Xian University of Science and Technology Alumni Association and Xian Productivity Promotion Center.More than 600 participants attended the event, including Xu Mingfei, vice mayor of Xian Municipal Peoples Government, Wang Wei, deputy secretary-general, Li Zhijun, director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau (Foreign Experts Affairs Bureau), Huang Yuhui, director of the Municipal Investment Bureau, responsible persons of the investment promotion bureaus of relevant districts and counties of Xian, and leaders and managers of alumni department of other colleges and universities, Xian University of Science and Technologys secretary of the CPC Committee Zhou Xiaode, president Jiang Lin, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee Fan Jianwu, vice presidents Lai Xingping and Chen Chunlin, as well as representatives of teachers and students.


President Jiang Lin presided over the First Session of Alumni Entrepreneur Alliance of Xian University of Science and Technology.Zhou Xiaode, secretary of the Party Committee of the university, delivered a speech at the meeting, congratulating the forum on its opening and reviewing the development of the university in recent years.He said that in recent years, the university brought out the best of talents, remained committed to contribute to local economic and social development based on its engineering discipline features and advantages.The return of alumni entrepreneurs to their alma mater and Xian showed us the great importance of alumni economy in social development.As cities, universities and alumni are the community of interests, Xian University of Science and Technology will further strengthen the external liaison, and build a good platform for boosting alumni enterprises.


Chen Chunlin read out the name list of the first batch of alumni entrepreneur alliance members at the meeting.Feng Zhangwei, Vice Chairman of the alumni entrepreneur alliance and Chairman of Shaanxi Shenguang Group, read out the declaration of alumni entrepreneur alliance.Xian Science and Technology Bureau signed the cooperation agreement between universities and localities on the science and technical innovation with Xian University of Science and Technology; Kunshan Kangnaisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. signed the enterprise admission agreement with Xian Junchi Automobile Parts Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd.; Xian Xide Radar Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement to build a millimeter wave radar and communications laboratory with the College of Communication and Information Engineering of Xian University of Science and Technology.


Chen Gaozhi, President of alumni entrepreneur alliance of Xian University of Science and Technology and Chairman of Shaanxi Yijie Holding Group, expressed the gratitude to his alma mater and alumni, and said he would continue to carry forward the populus euphratica spirit of the university to strive for persistence and self-improvement, remembered the ardent entrustment of his alma mater and teachers to revitalize the country through science and technology and serve the country through industry and commerce, remained committed to the initial heart and mission to develop new ideas, set new goals, embark on new journey, create new results and display new achievements, so as to make greater contributions to the development of alumni entrepreneur alliance, the prosperity of various undertakings of Xian University of Science and Technology, the construction of Xian, as well as Shaanxis pursue of surpassing high-quality development.


Xu Mingfei, Vice Mayor of Xian, mentioned in his speech that, in recent years, Xian has made great efforts to catch up with and surpass other cities. "Xian ranked the 10th of business environment index among the top 100 cities in China regarding economic aggregates, has been rated as a benchmark city for the construction of Chinas international business environment , and selected as one of the "Top 10 charming cities in China in the eyes of foreign talents" for the first time. As the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, Xian is now entering a golden period of development with many strategic opportunities such as National Free Trade Zone of the "Belt and Road" Initiative, the national central city and the construction of international metropolis. Xian hopes to share the opportunities with alumni, teachers and students of Xian University of Science and Technology for win-win development."


Jiang Lin said in presiding over the conference, the establishment of alumni entrepreneur alliance of Xian University of Science and Technology was not only the eager expectation of alumni entrepreneurs, but also the unshirkable responsibility of the university to serve local economy and society.It is hoped that members of alliance will make good use of such a platform to further strengthen the exchange and cooperation with their alma mater, alumni, enterprises and localities, striving to achieve connectivity and win-win development;Further improve the mechanism and give full play to the role of the alliance as a bridge link;Provide comprehensive and thoughtful service for alumni entrepreneurs;Further strengthen the exchange and cooperation with Xian and strive to inject new strength of Xian University of Science and Technology into the development of Xian.


Subsequently, the alumni economic Chang an forum was hosted by Chen Gaozhi.Professor Lv Shijie, China alumni economic theory proponent, director of the China Enterprise Development Research Center and director of the Culture and Finance Research Center of the Central University of Finance and Economics, delivered the keynote speech on The Application of Alumni Economy, which outlined the profound meaning and characteristics of alumni economy, vividly explained the necessity and applicability of alumni economy in the current development environment of Xian, and placed great hopes on the future development of alumni economy in Xian.


At the forum, Huang Yuhui, Director of Xian Municipal Bureau of Investment Cooperation, introduced the investment environment of Xian in details to the representatives of alumni entrepreneur, by analyzing the economic and industrial development data of Xian in recent years. She said, Xian would become a city of opportunity, vitality, innovation and industry in future, and there would be great progress in living and business environment, and she believed that the success of such event would promote the development of "Alumni economy" in Xian to embark on a new journey.


Liang Hongtao, CEO of Hanergy Group, Huang Jianwen, Executive Vice President of Sino Great Wall Co., Ltd., Liu Shaoli, General Manager of Xian Automobile Parts Industry Park, Zhang Heng, Chairman of Xian Xide Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd., Chen Yong, General Manager of Shenzhen SRNE New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Kang Yaqiang, General Manager of Shenzhen Top-flight Technology Co., Ltd.; and other alumni representatives made exchange speeches on the topic of "exchange and cooperation, win-win development" by combining with their personal growth and entrepreneurial experiences.They deeply appreciated the cultivation of their alma mater and expressed that they would continue to inherit the spirit and culture of Xian University of Science and Technology by starting from this forum, condensed their minds and jointly hold together for warmth and win-win cooperation with the promotion of alumni entrepreneur alliance,  so as to promote the cooperation between the university and local government and between the university and enterprise to a new level.


After the forum, a symposium was held by the alumni entrepreneur alliance, with focusing on how to develop the alliance.


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