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Embark on the New Journey to Pursue Dreams - Xi’an University of Science and Technology Held the Opening Ceremony of Grade 2019 Freshmen
2019-09-25 09:12  


Xian University of Science and Technologys opening ceremony for the freshmen fell on the morning of August 30, 2019, and was held in the stadium of Lishan Campus of Lintong.More than 800 teachers and students watched the ceremony live on the Yanta Campus, and nearly 20,000 netizens watched it on the Internet.Secretary of the Party Committee of the university Zhou Xiaode, president Jiang Lin, deputy secretaries of the Party Committee Li Ming, Fan Jianwu and Hu Wei, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Wang Huiqiang, vice presidents Zhang Weihu, Li Shugang, Wang Guirong and Chen Chunlin, presented at the ceremony.Deputy secretary Fan Jianwu presided over the ceremony.


The ceremony kicked off with the grand national anthem.Mr. Li Shugang read out the Notice on Rewarding Excellent Freshmen of Grade 2019 of Graduate School and the Notice on Rewarding Recommended Examination-free Graduate Students of Grade 2019.The teacher representative Qiao Baoming, undergraduate representative Yang Zhiyuan, and graduate representative Li Xiaofei, delivered a speech respectively at the ceremony.


On behalf of the school faculty and all the students, President Jiang Lin warmly welcomed the freshmen of Grade 2019, and expounded the historical evolution and development of the university for the freshmen over the past six decades around the three keywords of patriotism, struggle and innovation.He pointed out that after 60 years of development, the school had cultivated the motto of putting national interests above everything else, the spirit of "striving for self-improvement" and the conduct of "unity, diligence, practicality and innovation". As the youth and the first batch of freshmen welcomed by the school in a new era, the freshmen of Grade 2019 must have a sense of responsibility and mission and the courage to carry on the patriotism, spirit of struggle and innovation. He hoped that all the freshmen shall pass down the Chinese dream of becoming a powerful nation, regard patriotism as the foundation of their lives and their success, and the source of their strength, and strive to become socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty, and labor; shall maintain the pioneering spirit in the pursuit of a colorful life, set up a lofty aspiration that complies with the new era, make clear the goal of study, change roles quickly, abide by students duties, and ignite passion by striving; shall have the courage to innovate and practice through hard work, cultivate innovative consciousness and innovative thinking, apply what learn in class into practice and constantly improve innovation capability.In the end, he wished all the freshmen strive to write glorious chapters of their own lives with their youth as pen and sweat as ink.The ceremony came to an end in the high-sounding Song of Xian University of Science and Technology.


The ceremony was attended by the principals for Party and administration works of the university, responsible persons for undergraduate and postgraduate student affairs of each college, representatives of teachers, all counselors of Grade 2019, representatives of parents of freshmen, and more than 6,000 undergraduate and postgraduate freshmen.



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