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Xi’an University of Science and Technology Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreements with China Telecom and Huawei
2019-09-25 09:12  


Xian University of Science and Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shaanxi Branch of China Telecom Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. on September 12 to jointly promote the framework featuring the coordinated efforts of the government, enterprises, universities, research institutions and consumers, educational informationization and university-enterprise cooperation on the innovative practice of industrial Internet based on new technologies such as 5G, cloud technology, Internet of Things, and big data application.


Ye Lisheng, general manager of Shaanxi Branch of China Telecom, Zhao Yonggang, general manager of Shaanxi Branch of Huawei, and Xian University of Science and Technologys secretary of the Party Committee Zhou Xiaode, president Jiang Lin, and vice presidents Zhang Weihu and Wang Guirong, attended the signing ceremony.Vice president Zhang Weihu presided over the ceremony.


In the opening speech, Mr. Zhou Xiaode extended a warm welcome to the guests and introduced the overall situation of the university.He pointed out that promoting the industry-university-research cooperation is a strategic requirement for the state to transform the mode of economic development and promote scientific and technological innovation and an important measure for enterprises to enhance their independent innovation capability and improve economic benefits. It is also conducive for universities to optimize the structure of innovation resources and improve the comprehensive quality of talents.The cooperation between Xian University of Science and Technology and China Telecom and Huawei in talent cultivation, broadband access and other fields is not new. And in the coming days, we will work together to carry out talent training and technical cooperation with an focus on smart mine information systems construction, 5G smart education, cloud computing, big data and other fields."The strategic cooperation with the two enterprises is of great significance to the development of the university," Mr. Zhou added, "The parties involved will further strengthen their ties and tap each others potentials to seek fruitful win-win outcomes in a wider field and at a deeper level."


The signing of the school-enterprise cooperation agreement, Mr. Ye Lisheng said, marks a new starting point for the strategic cooperation between Xian University of Science and Technology and China Telecom.China Telecom will continue to serve as a consultant + employee to help Xian University of Science and Technology to build a smart campus and demonstration site for innovative industrial Internet application, and make it a top-ranking high-level teaching and research university with distinctive characteristics to boost regional economic growth and industrial and social development.


Following the cooperation between Huawei and the ICT College of Xian University of Science and Technology in 2017, Mr. Zhao Yonggang said in his speech, the strategic agreement this time marks a more comprehensive industry-university-research cooperation which creates a new terrain of "mutual benefit and win-win development, and will further speed up the landing of industrial Internet application and the construction of smart campus of the university. The cross-industry cooperation, in combination with information technology, digitalization and intelligentization, will definitely boost the development of education.


On behalf of the university, President Jiang Lin signed the School-Enterprise Cooperation Agreement on Smart Campus and Innovative Practice of Industrial Internet Application with Shaanxi Branch of China Telecom and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. at the ceremony.The three parties will work together hereafter to speed up the construction of smart campus and improve the informationization level of the industrial Internet industry in Shaanxi, forging a nationwide innovation highland for smart campus and industrial Internet.


At the ceremony, Lv Ming, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Telecoms Customer Solutions Department, and Zhang Xiangyu, head of Huaweis Education Solutions Department of the Shaanxi Branch, delivered special reports entitled "China Telecom Leads the Way to Build a 5G Smart Campus" and ICT Industry Technology Development Report, respectively.


Responsible persons of Shaanxi Branch of China Telecom, Shaanxi Representative Office of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and relevant leaders of Xian University of Science and Technology were present in the signing ceremony.



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