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Acting as A " Matchmaker" to Facilitate the Matchmaking ThroughMutual Selecting to Promote Employment -- Our University Held the MutualSelecting Job Fair in 2019 Spring
2019-04-08 16:08  


On March 23, 2019, a Mutual Selecting Job Fair in 2019 Spring for graduates ofXi'an University of Science and Technology was held in stadium of Lishan campusof Lintong. More than 900 delegates from 413 enterprises, institutions andresearch institutes from 22 provinces (cities) across the country attended theJob Fair. Fan Jianwu, a deputy secretary of the Party Committee of theUniversity, visited the representatives of the employers on the spot of the JobFair, learnt the demand for talents of the employers in detail, andcommunicated with the employers and the graduates.

Over 10,000 jobs in mining, safety, machinery, automation, geology, chemicalengineering, management, secretarial, art, foreign languages, ideological andpolitical education and other majors were offered in the Job Fair, attractingmore than 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students to apply for jobs. Amongthem, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., Yangquan CoalIndustry Group, Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation Limited,Lianyungang Talent Service Center, Wuxi Shanshui Urban Management Committee,Dongyang Human Resources and other enterprises and local government departmentsattended the meeting together with a number of units. Compared with the sameperiod last year, the number of coal enterprises participating in the job fairincreased by 41%, the demand of professional positions in financial management,human resources, secretarial and foreign languages increased by more than 30%,and the demand of ideological and political education positions also increasedsignificantly.

In recent years, our university adhered to the practice of holding"university chief " responsible for the employment, and took multiplemeasures to actively build a platform and provide guarantee for the employmentof graduates. In view of the macroeconomic situation and development of theenergy industry, our university highlights its characteristics and keeps closecontact with geological and mineral enterprises to find out more potential jobopportunities for students. We will continue to expand the new job market byactively visiting employers in and outside of Shaanxi Province, establishingcooperation between university and local units and enterprises, participatingin talent exchange fair, and organizing students' employment practices. At thesame time, in order to further promote the employment of graduates majoring inarts and humanities, and management, relevant departments of our universityactively invited enterprises who have positions of these majors to attend thejob fair. Meanwhile, we took advantage of employment information network aswell as new media networks, like WeChat or QQ group to provide more accurateand targeted information for students. By doing so, our students werewell-informed of the needs of the participating units in advance and gavetailored preparation for the job application.

Leadersof relevant departments of the university, the person in charge of studentaffairs at each college, and the counselors of graduates in 2019 went to thescene to guide the graduates in job-hunting and deal with the signingprocedures for them.


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