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Ten Great Events that Defined Xi'an University of Science and Technology in 2018
2019-01-11 14:35  


The year 2018 marked the starting year of comprehensive study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, an important year for implementing the "Three-Step" development strategy of the university and a crucial year to carry forward the "13th Five-Year Plan". It also marked a pivotal year to follow through the "Double Fist-Class" Initiative and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the university. Let's review 10 great events of Xi'an University of Science and Technology in 2018 to witness its wonderful moments.  



Fully implementing the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress to embrace a new chapter in education reform and development



The year 2018 marks the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress, and an important year that witnessed the remarkable progress of education cause of the university in a new era. According to the "Notice of the CPC Higher Education Commission of Shaanxi Provincial Committee on Studying and Training for Leading Cadres at the University Department Level and above to Study and Implement the Principles of the 19th Party Congress", Xi 'an University of Science and Technology organized all cadres at the level of deputy director or above to participate in the study and implementation of the spirit seminar of the 19th CPC National Congress. From January 15 to January 21, all units and departments organized self-study activities and watched relevant TV programs. From January 22 to 24, there will be three days of intensive learning, expert reports, group discussions and speeches. This seminar offered a chance to further study Xi jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era and the spirits of the 19th People's Congress. It enabled people to actively apply what they have learnt into practice, crack problems that stood in the way of the development of the university and it identified specific objectives of the "Three Steps" and "12345" discipline development strategy, strengthened the theory for the faculty and students, enhanced the "Four Consciousness", intensified the ideological consensus and gathered momentum. All of these carry great significance for accelerating the reform and development of all education programs of the university, better serving the national strategy and social needs, and realizing the goal of building a high level teaching and research university with distinctive characteristics.  



Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the University and Embarking on a New Journey


2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up and the 60th anniversary of the founding of the school. On September 15th, Xi 'an University of Science and Technology held a grand conference to promote the construction of "First-Class University and First-Class Discipline". More than 10,000 guests, alumni, teachers and students from all walks of life gathered together, tracing the 60 years of development of the university, and calling for the construction of "First-Class University and First-Class Discipline".The special event "Dreaming back to Chang'an - the Return of Millions of Alumni" was successfully held at Xi 'an University of Science and Technology, with 19 projects being signed and 160 billion yuan being invested. It focused on the development of the industry and local economy with reliance on characteristic discipline construction and scientific research, and highlighted the features and advantages of the university, giving a strong boost to build Xi'an into a global capital of hard technology, national center city and international metropolis. On September 16, the 11th Global Mine Ventilation Conference which was jointly organized by Xi'an University of Science and Technology and China University of Mining and Technology was successfully held. Nearly 500 experts, professors, entrepreneurs and industry colleagues in the field of mine safety from 39 countries and regions all over the world gathered together to let the world take a close look at the China's mining industry and enabled China to gain a deeper understanding of the development of mine ventilation globally, and colleagues from all over the world contributed their knowledge in exchanges, leaving an unforgettable memory in Xi'an University of Science and Technology. In 2018, more than 180 academic reports at all levels were hosted or undertaken by the university, cooperation agreements were signed with 10 foreign universities and education institutions, and the first overseas alumni association of our university was established, greatly extending the influence of the university.  


Steady Progress was Made in Scientific Research and New Achievements were Obtained

In 2018, the University's scientific research system reform was deepened, the scientific research structure adjustment was improved, the scientific research vitality was further released, and the endogenous driving force was continuously stimulated. 818 scientific research projects were approved, with a total funding of nearly 170 million yuan, of which nearly 130 million yuan was received. Four years later, the total funding and the funds received are expected to reach the target of "Double 100 Million Yuan". The "State Key Laboratory of Coal Mining Dynamics and Ecological Response in the Western Region" was included in provincial and ministerial discussions. The construction of the key laboratories jointly built by the province and the Ministry of Education has achieved a phased success. Two new key laboratories were added in Shaanxi province (10 in the entire province), bringing the number of scientific research platforms above the provincial and ministerial level to 18. The scale and quality of scientific research of the university were steadily improved. The university won 37 provincial and ministerial awards in 2018, and two National Science and Technology Awards were announced to be awarded, making it the only university in Shaanxi province to win the National Science and Technology Award in 2018.The Geological Research Institute of Green Coal Mining and the Yulin Institute of Green, Safe and Efficient Coal Mining and Clean Utilization were established one after another. These institutes are committed to creating a highland of regional talent training, scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation, making greater contributions to enable Shaanxi to catch up and surpass others in terms of regional economic and social development.

Staying Committed to the Discipline Construction Pushing for the "Double First-Class" Initiative


In 2018, the university remained committed to putting discipline construction high on its agenda and building a professional pool of high-level talents. In March, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council issued the Notice on the Issuance of the List of Authorized Points for Doctoral and Master Degrees in the 2017 Review (degree [2018] No. 9). The list of the 12th batch of authorized disciplines and professional degree categories was published. Two doctor's degrees with first-level discipline authorization, six master's degrees with first-level discipline authorization, two authorizations of master's degree were added, putting the university on the top among universities in terms of the number of doctoral and master degree authorization. In May, the university held a "Double First-Class" construction conference, summarized the discipline construction work since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", identified the strategic goal of the"12345" discipline development, and took the lead among provincial colleges and universities to build the "First-Class University, First-Class Discipline" Initiative. In July, the Education Development Center for Academic Degrees and Postgraduates of the Ministry of Education released the results of the evaluation of professional degree level, suggesting that the MBA of the university was on the list (194 participating units) and Grade C (refers to top 55-65%) was given. In August, Shaanxi Province announced the list of "First-Class University and First-Class Discipline". The Xi'an University of Science and Technology was selected as one of the "First-Class Universities in China", and Safety Science and Engineering discipline was selected as one of the "First-Class Disciplines in China". From October to December, the university completed the demonstration of the "First-Class Discipline" construction plan of 18 disciplines in the strategic layout of "12345" discipline development, and the mobilization of the discipline construction of 5 doctoral cultivation disciplines. Rapid and steady progress was made in the discipline construction. 

Staying Committed to the "People-Oriented" Principle to Launch Targeted Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education



In 2018, we accelerated the construction of high-level education undergraduate programs and comprehensively enhanced talents training capability. The enrollment quality of undergraduate students of the university was steadily improved. The difference between average admission score for 27 provinces out of 30 admission universities and the admission score for the first batch undergraduates exceeded that of 2017. The average admission score in Shaanxi Province was 6 points higher than that in 2017, and 3 new provinces were covered by the first batch undergraduates enrollment. In June, the Ministry of Education announced the list of certified majors of engineering education. Seven engineering majors of the university passed the certification, ranking the ninth in the country, indicating that the quality of these majors is equivalent to international standards, and the university entered the "first square" of global engineering education. The university actively guided students to follow their passions and dreams, accumulate wisdom and enhance their ability in innovation and entrepreneurship and gather momentum for national rejuvenation with what they have learnt from innovation and entrepreneurship. The university won the silver award in the national finals of the Fourth "Internet Plus" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, achieving a new breakthrough in national events. In addition, Education College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship was awarded as the advanced group in organizing the competition. The university won the first prize of the 2018 Brics Young maker Competition, the silver prize of the 2018 "Youth entrepreneurship" National College Student Entrepreneurship Competition, and the first prize of the "Mobile Internet + Creative Tourism", a national college student tourism creativity competition, in a row. The innovation and entrepreneurship ability of students were continuously improved.


Fully Implementing the Strategy of "Universities with a Talent Pool" to Create a Highland of High-Level Talents

The university stays committed to the talent-oriented principle in its innovation programs to accelerate the construction of "Double First-Class" initiative. In March, the general office of the organization department of the central committee of the communist party of China issued the notice on the issuance of the list of the third batch of national "Ten Thousand Plan" candidates. Two professors, Deng Jun and Lai Xingping, were selected as "leading talents in scientific and technological innovation", and the university took the 117th spot in terms of total number of candidates. The "Academician Project" made remarkable achievements, and the "Coal Green Mining Geological Research Institute" with academician Wang Shuangming as the President was established and unveiled. Three academician offices for Wang Guofa, Gong Jianya and Yang Xiaoniu were built. The number of national and provincial talent programs was greatly increased, and 16 of them were selected into the talent projects like "Thousand Talents Plan" and "Special Support Plan". The fund of 19.5 million yuan was approved, ranking the third among provincial universities. The university signed and introduced 90 people throughout the year, among which the number of talents at the third and fourth levels was nearly three times that of 2017. In September, the third "Silk Road" Youth Scholar Sub-Forum was successfully held by Xi 'an University of Science and Technology, attracting 61 outstanding young scholars from 12 countries and regions. 39 of them signed intention agreements with the university, and the number of signed contracts ranked second among provincial universities.

Strengthening the Building of Teachers' Ethics in an All-Round Way and Building a Pool of High-Quality Teachers for the New Era



In order to further study and implement general secretary Xi Jinping's important discussion on education and the requirements for teachers, such as "Three Solid Establishment", "Four Good Teachers", "Four Guides" and "Four Unified Aspects", and build a high-quality teaching team, the school revised and issued the "Guidelines for the Long-Term Mechanism of Teacher's Morality Construction in Xi'an University of Science and Technology", "Evaluations for Teachers' Morality Assessment of Xi'an University of Science and Technology", and "Regulations on the Full Implementation of the Responsibilities of Graduate Tutors" of Xi'an University of Science and Technology. All of this has put the university on a firmer footing to strengthen the work ethics and morality of teachers. In July, the university held the 2018 conference on the construction of teachers' ethics with the theme of "Staying Committed to Educating People Through Morality and Striving to be a Good Teacher with Four Good Qualities", comprehensively strengthening the construction of teachers' ethics. The convening of this conference outlined the direction for strengthening the building of a pool of teachers in the new era, offered fundamental guidance, and provided a solid Ideological and talent guarantee for the construction of "Double First-Class" initiative. According to media reports, this conference of teacher ethics is the first of its kind in China.





Hold high the banner of ideals and beliefs to improve the "five-in-one" student management service system



In 2018, the university cemented the faith foundation, and further cultivated and practiced the socialist core values, and carried out solid work in academic support, financial aid, psychological aid, employment guidance, and affairs services. We signed school-level, school-enterprise cooperation agreements with Jinan City and Xukuang Group, organized students to practice in enterprises, constantly consolidated the foundation of employment innovation. The employment rate of graduates in the class of 2018 ranked top among provincial colleges and universities, and 100% of the graduates who set up a registration card were employed. The targeted assistance system at the two levels of the university and the college was continuously improved to give a strong boost to educational poverty alleviation. The university was awarded by the Ministry of Education with the title of "Recommended Learning Unit" for national student who receive financial aids. The documents for tutors' administrative rank and professional title promotion were issued one after another. The professional quality and professional ability of the tutor team were significantly improved. One tutor won the third prize in the National Tutor Quality and Ability Contest, and one tutor was shortlisted as the National Tutor of the Year. The University Communist Youth League remained committed to taking moral education as its foundation and carried out the league study work under the guidance of principles. It was successively awarded as "Shaanxi Red Flag Youth League Committee", "2017 Advanced Unit of New Media and Network Publicity of Shaanxi University Youth League", "2018 Excellent Organization Unit For Social Practice of Cultural, Scientific and Health Activities in Rural Areas During Summer Vacation for Shaanxi University and Technical Secondary School Student Volunteers" and other honorary titles.  


Promoting the people's livelihood project to build a harmonious and beautiful campus



The university strives to create a "happy home" for teachers and students, and deeply has promoted the construction of livelihood projects. As the affiliated kindergarten was officially launched, the building of No.28 and No.29 residential buildings in the north Yanta campus was completed, air conditioners were installed in 633 students' dormitories, the library phase II and main experiment and training center of coal mine were put into use, hot and difficult issues concerned by teachers and students were gradually solved and the faculty and students feel much happier than before. The launch of buffet services for teaching staff in Lintong campus ensured the "safety of food we put into mouth", indicating that the university is trying its best to serve the teaching staff well. The supply of bucket water in the teachers' rest room, the arrangement of special personnel to operate instruments and equipment in the multimedia classroom, the increase of the number of commuter buses and the upgrading and reconstruction of teachers' apartments in Lintong campus, all these intimate and practical services have enhanced the sense of belonging of teachers and workers. Thanks to these efforts, the university has won the honor of "Shaanxi Model Worker Family".

Upholding and strengthening the party's overall leadership to build a "big matrix" of ideological and political work


The university made an all-out effort to enforce strict Party discipline, and the core of leadership of the party committee, the party's role as a fortress and the party member's exemplary role all came into play. The university overhauled its previous medium ranking and took the fourth spot in the ranking of the universities. The first party branch of teaching staff of safety college was approved as the first batch of "Double Leaders" of national colleges and universities. Our university has become the only provincial university in Shaanxi that won this honor. One teaching and party branch of our university was included into the "2018 Branch of National Party Construction Work", and one teaching and party branch was selected as the "Two Studies, One Action" party branch of national colleges and universities to display characteristic works. The university fully carried out the "Double Hundred Project" to alleviate poverty. The "E-Commerce Poverty Alleviation" and "Qinglongshan" projects received positive recognition from With these projects putting in place, the university was awarded as the advanced unit of "Double Hundred Project" of the Province in 2017. In December, the university held a National Conference on Education Spirit. Through more than ten large-scale and mutil-level conferences with full coverage, the spirit of National Conference on Education was firmly established in the university. With the university frequently appearing in mainstream media in central China, the new media "Two Micro, Five Ends" resonating with each other, and seven platforms voicing simultaneously, and the official WeChat of the university ranking the top 100 universities in China, the comprehensive communication index now ranks the eighth in the province's colleges and universities. As a result, comprehensive influence of the university continues to grow, propaganda and ideological front construction has been constantly strengthened.























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