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Zhou Xiaode and Jiang Ling delivered 2019 New Year Speeches
2019-01-11 14:31  

Dear teachers, students and friends:

Only when spring comes on the heels of winter, can you feel time flies; Only when we discard the old and embrace the new, can we lift our spirits and make fresh progress.On this festive occasion of the new year, on behalf of the party committee and administration of the university, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all faculty, students, retired teachers, leaders at all levels who have long thrown their support behind the development of the university, people from all walks of life and alumni at home and abroad, and we also would like to extend our sincere new year's wishes and greetings to all of you!





The year 2018 marked the starting year of comprehensive study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, an important year for implementing the "Three-Step" development strategy of the university and a crucial year to carry forward the "13th Five-Year Plan". It also marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the university and it was in this year we decided to build a high-level talent pool.Over the past year, we stayed committed to the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and principles of Xi Jinping on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era. We fully implemented the spirit of the important speeches of General Secretary Xi, and followed through decisions made by the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and the Education Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government. In addition, we deepened reform and innovation with a focus on bettering connotation construction, and comprehensively improving the party's political, ideological, organizational, work style, discipline and institutional building.Guided by the principles of Communist Party, the university overhauled its previous medium ranking and took the fourth spot in 2018 Provincial University Ranking List. It was awarded as the Provincial Advanced Unit of "Double Hundred Project" in 2017, one branch was approved as the first batch of "Double Leaders" Teachers' Party Branch Secretary Ofice among national colleges and universities, one branch was placed on the list of the " 2018 Model Branch of National Party Construction Work" of the Ministry of Education, and one branch was selected as the "Two Studies, One Action" party branch of national colleges and universities to display characteristic works.



As we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the university, we'll remain committed to devoting ourselves to education.In 2018, the university launched the "First-Class University, First-Class Discipline" campaign and celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the university. A host of high-level, high-standard activities, forums and summits were held. For instance, "First-class University, First-Class Discipline" Construction Conference, "Dreaming Back to Chang'an -- the Return of Millions of Alumni" special session for Xi 'an University of Science and Technology and the 11th International Mine Ventilation Congress. These activities fully demonstrated glorious accomplishments achieved by the university since its establishment six decades ago and have put the university on a firmer footing to embark on new journeys.  



Over the past year, the faculty and students' solidarity, diligence, truth-seeking character and creativity have helped them draw rosy pictures for their future in a new era of reform and opening up and have guaranteed them with steady, fresh and relentless forward progress.All of this adds up to new progress and breakthroughs in various undertakings of the university:  




Our connotation construction project made new headways in 2018.Our university was placed on the list of construction plan of the "Domestic First-Class Universities" by the Shaanxi Province, and our Safety Science and Engineering discipline was identified as the construction discipline of the "Domestic First-Class Universities" Plan.Two doctor's degrees with first-level discipline authorization, six master's degrees with first-level discipline authorization, two authorizations of master's degree were added, putting the university on the top among universities in terms of the number of doctoral and master degree authorization.



Our educational projects yielded new achievements in 2018.Seven engineering majors of our university entered the Global Engineering Education "First Square", a list of certified engineering education majors released by the Ministry of Education.Six were elected as members of the Teaching Guidance Committee of Higher Education Institution of the Ministry of Education, and two were awarded with the Provincial Teaching Achievement Prize. Thirty-eight industry-university research cooperation projects were approved by the Ministry of Education and three teaching materials projects of Shaanxi Province were identified as excellent.Academic degree and postgraduate education work have been actively promoted with 635 papers from Graduate students being published in China's core journals and above, including 73 SCI papers, and 70 authorized invention patents.




Our scientific and technology work reached new high in 2018.312 vertical research projects at all levels were approved, including 62 national-level projects, 437 horizontal research projects, and the fund for vertical research reached a record high.One key laboratory construction was placed on the list of provincial co-construction and cultivation plan and 2 provincial construction projects were approved.Two key scientific and technological innovation teams in Shaanxi Province were approved, two scientific researchers were identified as champions in the Shaanxi Innovation Talent Promotion Program, two young scientific researchers were identified as technology stars in Shaanxi Province, two scientific researchers won Shaanxi Youth Science and Technology Award, and one researcher won Youth Science and Technology Award in China Coal Industry.We won 52 awards at the department level and above, and 2 national awards have been announced for award.607 national patents were approved, a sharp rise from previous years.



Our high-level talent pool building project made new progress.Wang Shuangming academician was appointed as the President of the newly established "Green Coal Mining of Geological Research Institute", and three offices for academicians were built.Two people were selected as leading talents of Technological Innovation of National "Ten Thousands Talents Program"; 16 people were selected into talent programs such as Shaanxi "Thousand Talents Program" and "Special Support Program".90 talents were brought in, 2 talents went abroad to follow through "Four Youth Talents Program" and 30 talents were recruited.56 postdoctors were recruited, and 27 various fund projects were approved for postdoctoral research station.




Our domestic and global exchanges and cooperation achieved new progress.A number of high-level international and domestic academic conferences, including the "Fifth International Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Application Research Conference" were successfully held, and cooperation agreements were signed with 10 foreign universities and education institutions.The first overseas alumni association of our university -- North American Alumni Association was established to further promote the work of the board of directors, alumni liaison association and education foundations. More than 1,300 alumni returned to school to participate in various activities.



New highlights were made in our campus cultural activities in 2018.More than 200 educational activities were held, and undergraduates won 912 science and technology awards at the provincial level and above, including 10 international awards and 101 national awards.Graduate students won 37 national awards and 89 provincial and ministerial awards, and won the silver award in the national finals of the Fourth "Internet Plus" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, achieving a new breakthrough in innovation and entrepreneurship education.In addition, we won a host of cultural and art awards, as well as advanced awards such as Shaanxi Red Flag Youth League Committee and Shaanxi Model Worker Family.

We made new contributions in providing social services and bettering people's livelihood in 2018.The library phase II and main experiment and training center of coal mine were put into use.The science and technology innovation building of the north campus of Yanta campus was completed and part of the building has been utilized, effectively improving school conditions.Our university kept a close eye on hot and difficult issues concerned by teachers and students, aiming to provide effective solutions and benefit the livelihoods of the faculty and students. The completion of the construction of No.28 and No.29 residential buildings in the north Yanta campus was promoted, the affiliated kindergarten was officially launched, the staff buffet was provided, and air conditioners were installed in students' dormitories.Solid progress was made in the work of trade union, united front, retirement, financial audit, security and logistics, putting the development of the university on a more solid footing.





We cherish noteworthy achievements made over the past year and sincerely appreciate concerted efforts paid by our faculty and students.We stand ready to embrace new chapters in the coming year with great confidence given by our achievements .On the path to the build a first-class teaching and research university with distinctive characteristics in China, we have no way to retreat or pace back and forth but to forge ahead with reform.For this, we need to fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, and follow through the spirit of general secretary Xi's important speeches and the education national congress under the guidance of Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era. We'll stay committed to the development idea of "strengthen the connotation, optimize the structure, highlight the characteristics, build the brand, and comprehensively improve the level of education", and unswervingly carry out the reform in all weathers. In addition, we'll gather the great power of the university's "Double First-class" Initiative, release the powerful energy of the university's connotation development, and renew the glorious chapter of the leap-forward development of Xi 'an University of Science and Technology in the new era. By doing so, we'll be well-prepared to deliver more glorious achievements in promoting education modernization, building a country with strong pool of talents and offering an education that satisfies all.  



I sincerely wish all the faculty, students and people from all walks of life a happy New Year and wish our Xi 'an University of Science and Technology a brighter and better tomorrow!





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