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Students of our university won the special prize of the 2018Education Robot Competition of China
2018-11-21 17:00  




  On November 3, the2018 Eighth Education Robot Competition of China was held at the Beihai Campusof Guilin University of Electronic Technology. 15 teams from our universityparticipated in the competition, and won two special prizes, six first prizesand seven second prizes.


The competition wasdivided into four groups, namely the primary school group, the middle schooland secondary vocational school group, the higher vocational school and seniorschool group and the undergraduate group. There were 28 competitions whichattracted more than 100 schools from more than 23 provinces and citiesnationwide. More than 250 teams including nearly a thousand players andinstructors participated in the competition.

Itis understood that the Education Robot Competition of China aims to promote theteaching mode of education robots "integration of competition, studying,research and creation" in class, and promote the popularization andimplementation of robot-aided engineering innovation practice education. Withthe help of the education robot platform, the mutual promotion effect betweenstudents' multi-knowledge integration and practical ability will be tested, soas to promote education innovation, display independent innovationachievements, promote innovation and entrepreneurship culture, and lay a solidfoundation for cultivating more innovative talents.



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