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Our university was awarded the advanced unit of “Double HundredProjects” in 2017 in Shaanxi Province
2018-11-21 17:00  


Recently, the ShaanxiProvincial Committee of Higher Education and the Education Department ofShaanxi Provincial Government issued the Notice on the Recognition of theAdvanced Units of the "Double Hundred Projects" in 2017 (S.G.JF.[2018] No. 13), and announced the evaluation results on 103 universitiesparticipating in the “Double Hundred Projects”. Our university was awarded theadvanced unit of “Double Hundred Projects” in 2017.

Our university hasbeen helping and supporting Yuyuan Village, Changwu County since 2012. Sincethe "Double Hundred Projects" in 2017 confirmed to support ChangwuCounty, the party committee of university earnestly studied and implemented thespirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China andimportant discussions by General Secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviationand development, and implemented the spirit of the conference on povertyalleviation. In addition, our university has fully implemented the basicstrategies of precision poverty reduction and targeted poverty alleviation,closely combined the advantages of the university with the actual needs ofChangwu County, and focused on poverty alleviation training of characteristicindustries. Our university took the support measures by the door-to-door visit,helped and supported villagers through our wisdom, education, science andtechnology and information. As a result, we will try our best to help ChangwuCounty to get rid of poverty and increase income for people in financialdifficulties. Changwu County, which was supported and helped by our university,was rated as the advanced county for poverty alleviation in the province in2017.

The university willtake this recognition as a new starting point to further improve the position,deepen understanding. With firm determination, more pragmatic style, more solidmeasures, our university will complete "Double Hundred Project" taskswhile guaranteeing both quality and quantity, and strive to write the newchapter in a new era.



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