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Tan Yiji, a professor from NationalTaiwan University paid a visit to our university
2018-11-21 16:59  


OnNovember 2, Professor Tan Yiji, a well-known scholar of National TaiwanUniversity, visited the College of Safety Science and Engineering of ouruniversity. Li Fanghong, member of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the ChinesePeople's Political Consultative Conference and director of Guidance Division ofEmergency Office accompanied. During the visit, Tan Yiji gave an academiclecture entitled “Disaster Reduction and Prevention of Enterprises” in theLibrary of Yanta Campus. Li Fanghong and more than 100 representatives ofteachers and students attended.

Tan Yiji summarizedthe hazards of natural disasters in Taiwan, and listed the measures andexperiences of disaster reduction and prevention in Taiwan, including disasterpreparedness and response, disaster management, urban planning and design.Professor Tan Yiji explained profound theories in simple language and has beenapplauded by teachers and students.

After the lecture,Professor Tan Yiji visited the fire-related laboratories for identification ofmaterial evidence which lead to a fire, gas and dust explosion, emergencyrescue, and intelligent fire control.

During the visit,Professor Tan Yiji attended the symposium with the teachers' representative anddoctoral students from College of Safety Science and Engineering. Deng Junintroduced the development history, scales of running university, education andteaching, laboratory construction, scientific research level and internationalcooperation of our university. The two sides exchanged ideas on how to carryout in-depth cooperation, learn from each other's successful experiences andpractices in order to improve together.

 The visitstrengthened the communication and exchanges between National Taiwan Universityand our university, broadened the horizons and ideas of the educational work ofboth sides, enhanced mutual friendship, and promoted the development of fireprotection and emergency rescue work in our school. 

Introduction: TanYiji, Ph.D. from Cornell University, USA, is currently the chairman of theTaiwan Society of Engineering Environment, former professor of the College ofBioenvironmental System Engineering at the National Taiwan University, directorof the Center for Climate and Weather Disaster Research at the National TaiwanUniversity, and director of the Ecology Engineering Center of the NationalTaiwan University.



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