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PickYour Favorite Phalanx for the Opening Ceremony of Our Sports Festival!
2018-10-23 11:09  



On October 11th, clear sky and gentle breeze witnessed a
grandopening for the 16th Sports Festival and the 47th TrackMeet of Xi'anUniversity of Science and Technology. We'vecaptured beautiful memories of the moment, yet photos may not be enough forsuch a wonderful event. Don't worry, we have more prepared for you. Now, herecomes the phalanxes!  






College of Civil and Architectural Engineering


Skyscrapers start from the ground, firm and enduring because ofus.The students have presented XUST in front of us inseveral queue changes. The phalanx stayed still like a mountain and moved likea thunder.




College of Communication and Information Engineering      


The students were imposing and high-spirited. The queue changesshowed the ups and downs of the 60 years of XUST from 1958 to 2018, celebratedthe birthday of XUST with a cake, and embraced the future with full energy.





College of Geology and Environment      


We are extraordinary!Withtheir firm steps of ambition and waving paper fans of blessings, the phalanxshowed us a brilliant scene.





College of Materials Science and Engineering      

Pursue the dream with full energy.
Afiery pomegranate flower bloomed on the track, showing us the youthful powerand great expectations of the students.





College of Computer Science and Technology      

Stepping forward with an "IT" symbol, the students showed us theircharacteristics.
As they said: Stayhumble, stay hardworking!They will thrive!




College of Humanities and Foreign Languages      

Young and smart, full of ambition. The students stood proudly in thehigh-spirited manner, and showed their youthful energy in a passionate dance.





College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

The phalanx was presented as the Chinese character "
", not only representing the college, but also sharing thesimilar sound of "" (blossoms). The students willprosper in the campus.




College of Energy Engineering

The phalanx was energetic and in high moral.
The deafening publicity slogans were filled with vitalityand youth.Their emblem, rising in the wind,was the best manifestation of the spirit of hard work.




College of Mechanical Engineering      

The vehicle carried not only the weight of the college, but also the ambitionof advancing.
"To be the best" is not just a goal, buta promise.

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College of Sciences

Black represented their meticulous thinking, and red showed their youthfulness.
The time-honored College of Science showed us theirbrightness with resounding steps and slogans.





Collegeof Geomatics

The phalanx stood firm, two volumes of red stretched out in front of us.
The students of the College of Geomatics showed us thegreat rivers and mountains of our motherland with accurate data.


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College of Electrical and Control Engineering

The breeze drifted over the folds of the clothes and the faces of youth, aswell as the flying flag that carried their dreams. Heading forward, their goalwas to the stars and the sea.


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College of Continuing Education

Minority costumes with different styles shined in the rising sun are beautifuland colorful; the confident and high-spirited faces indicates that they are notafraid of the autumn wind, and they smiled like flowers.
The students of College of Continuing Education, you arethe best!

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College of Management

Twenty years of ups and downs, College of Management stays young.
The clear slogans showed their youth and dreams. Smilingfaces were filled with passion and hope.

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Collegeof Safety Science and Engineering

The College of Safety of XUST, we're the best.
This was not just a slogan, but an action of the College.With their fullest gestures, the students sentblessings to their alma mater and infected everyone presented.

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College of Arts

Spirited and youthful.
Artstudents painted their own symbol with color and expressed their unity withbehavior. They were such a beautiful scene at the opening ceremony.

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Collegeof International Education 

The present of XUST is not only thanks to yesterday's efforts, but also to thevision of the world.
The College ofInternational Education stepped forward with fraternity and liberty.In international exchanges, we sang all the way and setsail to the world.

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