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Mid-Autumn Teachers and Students Symposium of 2018 International Students of International Education College
2018-09-26 16:38  

Themed as "Silk Road, Flower Rain, andSharing Happiness in the Mid-Autumn Festival", Teachers and StudentsSymposium of 2018 International Students of International Education College, Xi'an University of Science and Technology was held in the Yanta Campus on the afternoon of September 21. Nearly 100 people attended the symposium including Zhang Weihu, Vice President of our university, teachers' and students' representatives from International Education College, Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School and other colleges, as well as more than 50 international students from 18 countries such as Uganda, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tajikistan and Nigeria.
     On behalf of Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Vice President Zhang Weihu extended festive greetings and sincere wishes to all teachers and international students, and introduced the achievements and progress made by International Education College related to cultivation of international students in recent years. He said, "The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are important traditional festivals in China, and I hope to take this opportunity to express festive greetings to students and teachers. At the same time, I wish that the international student work and internationalization process of our university
will be steadily advanced and will reach a new level."

     Subsequently, Shang Changchun, Dean of International Education College, Li Hongxia, Vice Dean of Graduate School, and Xue He, mentors' representative, gave speeches to express cordial greetings and festive wishes to international students.
     It is reported that our university has enrolled 126 students from 18 countries, including Russia, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Mongolia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Uganda, Turkey, Bangladesh, Sudan, Vietnam, Iran, Nepal, Ghana, Cameroon and Morocco from 2017 to 2018. Among them, there are 42 pre-lingual students, 29 undergraduates, 42 master students and 13 doctoral students, which indicates a good start of education for overseas students and the establishment of a complete foreign student training system covering pre-lingual, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

At the symposium, representatives of international students from Uganda, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Nigeria and Kazakhstan introduced their country profiles, moreover, their singing and dancing added happiness, harmony to the symposium. 

Through the "Silk Road, Flower Rain, and Sharing Happiness in the Mid-Autumn Festival" Teachers and Students Symposium, participants have had a deeper understanding of the country and culture of international students in our university, and deepened the friendship and understanding between Chinese and foreign students, between teachers and students, which are of great benefit to the construction of "First-class University, First-class Discipline" and the internationalization process of our university, and has been highly praised by the teachers and students present. 





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