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New Beginning, New Hope-------2018 International Student Plenary Meeting
2018-09-11 14:38  


At 2:00 pm on September 6, 2018, the 2018 student plenary meeting of the Institute of International Education was held in the first classroom of the International Apartment. Shang Changchun, Dean of the Institute of International Education, Yang Guang of Foreign Affairs Management Bureau of Yanta Branch of Xi'an Exit and Entry Administration Bureau, Guo Meng, the representative of the Chinese teaching for international students and teacher of College of Humanities and Foreign Language, staffs of admissions and management of Institute of International Education and 30 international students from 5 countries attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Zhu Bin, Deputy Dean of the Institute of International Education.




First of all, Yang Guang, a police officer of the Yanta Branch of Xi'an Exit and Entry Administration Bureau, taught the international students about relevant laws and regulations. Later, Guo Meng gave a general introduction to the arrangements and teaching of Chinese language in this semester. Shang Changchun, Dean of International Education Institute explained the requirements and regulations for international students to participate in academic, cultural and sport activities, introducing the participation arrangements of our university's celebration activities and the briefing of the 11th International Mine Ventilation Conference held by our university; Then, Zhao Lu and Yu Dawei of the International Office gave introductions and explanations on the scholarship review, visa processing, and disciplinary regulations for international students, and answered questions raised by international students. Zhu Bin, the Deputy Dean explained the postgraduate training regulations and curriculum arrangements; Finally, the 2018 freshmen introduced themselves in turn. Dr. ABSHAD MUHAMMAD from the School of Mechanical Engineering and KHALID NAIYA from the School of Science, made a speech on behalf of the students, and expressed that they would abide by Chinese laws and School rules and regulations, they would work hard, and make strenuous efforts, and this conference shall be deemed as a new beginning.


After the meeting, all the people took a group photo in front of the International Apartment, making a successful conclusion for this meeting.


The convening of the international student meeting has deepened the understanding of international students on the school, strengthened the awareness of international students to abide by the laws and regulations, and enhanced the team spirit and collective consciousness of international students. It is believed that with the concerted efforts of all teachers and students, the management and teaching work of the Institute of International Education will be carried out more orderly and more distinctively.


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