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Xi'an University of Science and Technology held aseminar on cooperation and exchange with Poland
2018-09-05 15:18  

OnAugust 21, Prof. Monica, Associate Dean of the School of MechanicalEngineering, Silesian University of Technology, Prof. Stoke, Associate Dean ofthe School of Automation, and Derek, the General Manager of APTIV, and Aegnike,coordinator, visited our university. Vice President Wang Guirong met with theguests and introduced the basic situation of the university to the guests onbehalf of the university. He expressed warm welcome to the guests who came tothe school for exchange and cooperation projects. He also hoped that the twosides could improve cooperation in the fields of strengthening ties, improvingexchange visits between teachers and students, building a training base, andresearch cooperation and joint laboratory.

Atthe meeting, the Director of Department of Personnel briefed the exchanges andrecruitment activities carried out by European three recruitment groups inPoland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The deputy director of the High-levelTalent Work Office has exchanged information on the profession and treatment ofthe recruited talents in European countries with the representatives of thewave. The Dean of the Graduate School and the Director of the Academic AffairsOffice introduced the international exchange of postgraduates andundergraduates respectively. He hoped that the Polish party will send teachersto Xi'an University of Science and Technology for short-term lectures, and ouruniversity could select students to go to Poland for training internships, inorder to improve the internationalization level of personnel training. The Deanof the College of Materials Science and Engineering briefed the representativeof the Polish party on the situation of the college and the internationalexchanges, and discussed the intention of cooperation between the two parties.After the meeting, the guests visited the relevant laboratory of the College ofMaterials Science and Engineering.

It isreported that four Polish guests will stay in the university for nearly a weekand will participate in the "7th International Conference onIntelligent Detection and Control", and will discuss with the College ofMechanical Engineering on the application of the China-Poland Joint Fund andthe construction of the student training base.


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