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Thestudents of our university won the first prize of Youth Makers Competition(China Region) under the 2018 “Belt & Road” and BRICS Skills Developmentand Technology Innovation Competition
2018-09-05 15:10  

Currently, the YouthMakers Competition Finals (China Region) under the 2018 “Belt & Road” andBRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition was held in thenewly built gym of Kunming University of Science and Technology. The EcologicalMicrocirculation Processing System of Rural Sewage declared by the studentsof the College of Materials Science and Engineering passed the on-site productdisplay, project development, site product improvement, on-site defense andother links, and finally stood out and won the first prize after experts'review.

The project wascompleted under the guidance of Peng Longgui, the Associate Professor of theCollege of Materials Science and Engineering. The R&D team used China'srich bentonite as raw material and processed, modified and synthesizedbentonite in order to obtain a new type of nano-mineral crystal adsorptionmaterial, therefore, the technical problem of making the inorganic silicateadsorbing material superhydrophobic has been overcome. The material and itstechnology are being promoted on the market, reflecting the characteristics ofbetter engineering adaptability, lower cost, good recycling and environmentalprotection.

It is reported thatthis competition was sponsored by the BRICS Business Council (BRICS BC), theOrganizing Committee of BRICS Skills Development and Technology InnovationCompetition, and co-sponsored by the International Alliance for the BRICSSkills Development and “Belt & Road” (IASDBR), and the Engineering TrainingTeaching Steering Committee under the Ministry of Education, Maker EducationBase Alliance, and the UNESCO Chair of Industry-University Cooperation, andorganized by Kunming University of Science and Technology, with the aim topromote the transformation of academic achievements, strengthen students'ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, improve students' practicaloperation level to solve practical problems, cultivate students' innovativethinking and entrepreneurial awareness, and better guide students to combine basicresearch with practical application.


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