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Notice about the Work Arrangement for the Summer Holiday of 2018
2018-08-01 16:08  


Xi'an University of Science and Technology 4 days ago


All units and departments:


In order to conduct preparations before the holidays and the new term, the relevant matters related to the summer vacation in 2018 are arranged as follows.


1. Students: Holiday from July 21 to August 24. Carry out registration, cleaning and voluntary labor from August 25 to 26, and officially start classes on August 27.  


2. Faculty: Holiday from July 23 to August 24, Work as usual from August 25. (Work as usual on July 21 and 22)  


3. In order to do a good job in the organization work and preparatory work for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the university, all units (departments) are required to carry out related tasks according to the unified arrangement of the University Celebration Office. The specific summer work will be arranged by the University Celebration Office.


4. Asset management companies, affiliated secondary schools, and continuing education colleges can arrange work and rest time the according to actual conditions in the summer vacation, and report the vacation arrangements to the Headmaster's Office.


5. All teachers and students are required to return to school for registration. All units and departments are requested to report the attendance of their faculty and staff to the Personnel Office and the Academic Affairs Office, and report the registration of students to the Department of Student Affairs, the Academic Affairs Office and the Graduate School before 16:00 on August 26.  


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