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Departure of graduates of 2018| | President Jiang Lin: Don't try to govern the world with your resourcefulness only!
2018-08-01 16:06  


Xi'an University of Science and Technology June 29


"Don't try to govern the world with your resourcefulness only." On June 28, the graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony for the undergraduate of 2018 of Xi'an University of Science and Technology was held grandly. President Jiang Lin delivered a warm speech.  


Jiang Lin send wishes of “Don't try to govern the world with your resourcefulness only” to the undergraduate of 2018


Time wait for no man! All of a moment, the university will celebrate its 60th anniversary along the road of Peiyang University, the National Northwest Institute of Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Xi'an Mining Institute which all dedicated to serving the country through education. Today's graduation ceremony has also been given a more special meaning. In front of you, more than 100,000 graduates of Xi'an University of Science and Technology have grown into the backbone of the national energy industry. Among you, there are many talent such as Chen Xin, Bai Yonghao and Yao Yangfan. Through the tenacity and responsibility of you, I have seen the immortal inheritance of the university spirit. I believe that you will be able to inherit the merits of your predecessors and become excellent descendants of your Alma Mater in the new era.  


Every glory of Xi'an University of Science and Technology now and in the future is achieved by the wisdom we gathered. Our university sincerely express gratitude to all of you! Of course, limited by the university conditions and deficiency of our work, the four-year study life of you may not only be fulfilling and pleasant, but also inconvenient and helpless - the variety and taste in the restaurant, the seat occupying in the library, and unexpected power and water outages, the sleepless nights in hot summers, and the gymnasium which is like a steamer at this moment, have all been complained by everyone. While expressing my apologies, I solemnly promise that the university will continue to try hard to improve our work and make our Alma Mater better. I also believe that these "complaints" will eventually become the most treasurable pieces together with your happy past. As Pushkin’s verse goes: “In a moment, passes sorrow;That which passes will be dear”.

I hope that everyone can embrace the new era with the mindset of serving country, and "nott try to govern the world with your resourcefulness only"; to achieve a career with the attitude of knowledge-action unity, stay true to the mission, be down-to-earth, and contribute yourselves to studies and practice; improve your life through self-improvement, and take learning as a job responsibility, a state of life, a spiritual realm and a life pursuit. In this golden autumn, the university will hold the grand commemorative activities for the 60th anniversary celebration. I sincerely invite everyone to return to your Alma Mater, talk with the teachers, and recall past miseries and speak of present happiness with the classmates, and enjoy the grand celebration with your Alma Mater! 

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