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1. The foreign expert/teacher shallprovide the following materials to the university when applying for a teachingposition:

1). Personal Resume;

2). Degree Certificate(copy);

3). Recommendation letter written byprofessor of his/her country or from his/her former employer

4). Certificate of Teacher or relevantprofessional skill certificate;

5) Evidence on marriage status;(TheChinese people is in great respect of family. Cohabitation without marriage isdeemed as not in accord with traditional morality and violation of ChineseMarriage Law. Therefore, we hope that the foreign experts respect the customand habit of Chinese people. According to regulation, finance or fiancée cannotenjoy related expenses and benefits provided by the host institution, as isfound out to be in accord with international conventions.)

6) Health Certificate.

2. Within one week after his/herarriving at the university, the foreign expert/teacher should first sign thecontract with the university to make clear the responsibilities of the bothsides. Once the contract is signed the two parties must carry out the rules andregulations strictly.

3. During his/her stay in China, theforeign expert/teacher shall observe the laws, decrees and relevant regulationsenacted by the Chinese government. He/she mustn’t interfere in China’s internalaffairs or do anything harmful to China and Chinese people.

4. The foreign expert/teacher may go tothe open religious sites in China for religious life as common religiousbelievers, but they are not allowed to preach, recruit new believers andinterfere with religion affairs in China.

5. The foreign expert/teacher must abideby all the rules and regulations of the university. He/she can’t go out fortraveling or sightseeing during the working time. If he /she plans to go outand leave Xi’an during the holidays, the foreign expert/teacher should informthe International Exchange and Cooperation Center of the University.

6. The foreign expert/teacher shallcooperate with the university and make every effort to complete the tasksagreed on. He/she shall do his/her work following the arrangements andinstructions form the related professional departments and by the end of eachsemester, he/she shall accept certain inspections and evaluations from theuniversity and hand in a formal concluding report to International Exchange andCooperation Center and the related departments of the university (The ForeignLanguage Department and the Graduate Department).

7. Without permission of InternationalExchange and Cooperation Center, the foreign expert/teacher shall not renderservices elsewhere or hold concurrently any post unrelated to the work agreedon with the university.

8. When anything related to teachingissues, foreign experts or foreign teachers should contact with the appointedforeign-teacher-assistant of the Foreign Language Department and the GraduateDepartment.

9. Documentaries, video-tapes, andmovies, etc for teaching purposes provided by foreign expert /teacher may beshown to the students only after passing examination by officials in charge inthe university.

10. When anything related to theadministrative issues, foreign expert or foreign teacher should contact withthe designated official who is in charge of foreign experts and foreignteachers from International Exchange and Cooperation Center of the university.

11. When anything related to thesecurity issues, foreign expert or foreign teacher should contact with bothInternational Exchange and Cooperation Center and the Security Section of theuniversity.

12. For the safety of the foreignexpert/teacher, his/her friends or guests shall not stay overnight .If thereare good reasons, he/she should ask the International Exchange and CooperationCenter for the permission in advance. Each guest should pay 50Yuan for eachnight accordingly. The visiting hours are from 6:00am till 11:00pm.

13. Request for sick leave by theforeign expert shall be proved by the foreign-involved hospital appointed bythe university. Where the sick leave amount to less than 30 days in onecontract term (one year or one academic year), the foreign expert shall be paid100% of the salary. In case the leave exceeds 30 days, the university willdissolve the contract. If the contract is not dissolved the salary will be paidby 70% until the normal work is resumed.

14. Private affairs leave of the foreignexpert shall acquire the approval of the university. The university may deductthe salary by day. In the contract term(one year or one academic year), theprivate affairs leave shall not exceed 10 days. The continuous private affairsleave shall be no more than 3 days. Where one day exceeds, salary for two dayswill be deducted.

15. In case of absence of work withoutallowance of the university, where absence amounts to one day, payment for 3days will be deducted. Where the circumstance is serious, the university maycriticize them or will have to dissolve the contract and investigate theliability of the foreign expert for violation of the contract.

16. The foreign expert/teacher willenjoy 400 Yuan worth of medical treatment fee for minor complaints each year inthe clinic of the university. Expenses to be borne by foreign expertsthemselves include that of registration, house calls, tooth insertion, cosmeticsurgery, eye-glasses, board in hospital and nutrition for non-medical purpose.

17. The university usually appointscertain hospitals for medical treatment for foreign experts/teachers. If theappointed hospital gives the opinion of the need of transfer to anotherhospital, or the disease needs further treatment in a specialized hospital, themedical expenses thereby incurred may be reimbursed with the approval by theuniversity. If the expert/teacher goes to other hospitals for treatment withoutconsent from the appointed hospital or the university, medical expenses therebyincurred shall as a general rule not be reimbursed.

18. Generally, the university does notprovide transportation for foreign experts going to hospital. If it is anemergency, the university shall provide free transportation or reimburse thefare.

19. Foreign expert/teacher will enjoythe paid winter vacations. And be paid RMB 2200 Yuan as traveling fee after hefinishes his one academic year’s (two semesters) service for the university.

20. Foreign expert/teacher will enjoyround-trip international air tickets (economy class) after he finishes his/herone academic year’s (two semesters) service for the university. Thereimbursement should be done by the original tickets and the formal receipt.

21. Foreign experts\teachers areentitled to the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Christmas (two days),Spring Festival, Labor Day, National Day and other holidays according to lawsand regulations, the same as the Chinese employees in the same work place. Andforeign experts/teachers can have a one-day holiday if they request to celebratetheir own National Day.

22. The foreign experts/teachers shouldtake good care of the utensils or property supplied within the apartment. Ifany utensils are damaged, they should be paid accordingly.

23. The foreign experts/teachers shallnot allowed to raise pets like cats or dogs in their apartment in any case.

24. The contact numbers for specialrelation:

International Exchange and CooperationCenter

13088990189 Mr.Shang Changchun, Director of the Office.


13319292622 Lu Chen, Official in charge of foreign teachers.


Postgraduate Department

81388711 Miss. Guo Fan, personnel incharge of teaching program of

83858067(0) Postgraduate Office inLintong Campus

Foreign Language Department

85587470(H) Ms. Zhang Yun(Judy),Division Leader in the Foreign

15399403002 Language Department incharge of the teaching of English Majors.

85583110: The Security Section of the university.

25.School Bus Schedule from Monday tillFriday ( Contact Number:83858006)

Starting point

Time for Setting out

From South Campus to Lintong campus




From Lintong Campus to South Campus






School Bus Schedule for Saturday andSunday

Starting point

Time for Setting out

From South Campus to Lintong campus


From Lintong Campus to South Campus


International Exchange and CooperationCenter


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