Information for Experts and ForeignTeachers working in XUST
2017-04-28 14:29  

Introduction to Xi’an University of Science andTechnology (XUST) was initially established in 1958. It is a comprehensiveuniversity covering five academic disciplines as Science, Engineering, Management,Literal Arts and Law. XUST now has six colleges and eleven subordinatedepartments and divisions and a Continuous Education School. The presentenrollment of all kinds of students is about 20,000 and it has a powerful groupof teachers and professors serving for the school. Quite honorably, XUST hadbeen officially recognized as the Model University and Garden Campus by theGovernment of Shaanxi Province and won a grade of Excellence in the evaluationof the undergraduate education program conducted by the Ministry of Education.

XUST consists of three campuses: Yanta Campus, SouthCampus and Lintong Campus. Both Yanta Campus and Lintong Campus are serving forteaching and studying while the South Campus serves as residential quarters forthe staff. The South Campus is located in the southern suburb of Xi’an Citywhich enjoys an excellent reputation home and abroad for its rich historicbackground and glorious cultural heritage. It is only five minutes’ walk toreach the world famous Tang Dynasty Building– the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and itslarge –scale- music- fountain- square. The Lintong campus stands in Lintong Countywhich is 30 kilometers away from Xi’an City, where the eighth wonder of theworld – the Army of Terra-Cotta-Warriors and Horses of the Qin Dynasty aresituated. It takes 30~35 minutes to cover the whole distance by driving and 80percent of the teaching academic activities is done there. School buses arearranged from 7:00am till 6:00pm everyday. Special arrangement can be made up onrequest.

Numbers of teachers needed Four or five languageteachers every academic year. During of Employment One or two academic yearsstarting from September, 2017.Subjects Spoken English, Listening comprehension,English and American  literature, Western Cultures, Newspaper Reading,Linguistics, Audio-visual-oral training, advanced writing, Introduction to EnglandandAmerica, English corner instruction. Types of students and Class size Postgraduates,PhD students, English major students. Class size: 25-30 each class. StandardWorking load 14 hours each week.

Degree Required: 1. Degrees: Teaching certificate orBachelor’s degree or Master’s degree.

2. Teaching experiences: with a couple of years’on-the-site teaching experiences.

Treatment supplied 1. Monthly Salary: RMB 3500Yuan—RMB 5000 Yuan.

2. Lodging and living facilities: An apartment of tworooms and one living room is equipped with a set of color TV, a computer withinternet access, an automatic washing machine, a refrigerator, a micro waver, aset of sofa, air conditioning, bathing & kitchen facilities and etc.

3. Traveling fee: RMB 2200 Yuan each academic year.

4. International Fee: Single or round trip when theservice is over one year.

5. Medical Treatment within XUST and an accidentinsurance.

6.Fees covered : waterelectricityInternet access .

Contact to1. International Exchange and CooperationOffice of XUST.

2. Mr. Shang Changchun, director of the Office.

3. Lu Chen who is in charge of foreign experts andteachers affairs.

4. Office number: 029-85583648/ 029-85583033.

5. E-mail:

6. Mailing Address: No.58 Yanta Road Mid Section, Xi’anShaanxi, China Zip Code: 710054


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