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1.Research Institutes of XUST
2011-12-20 17:25  

Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Ground Control

Research Institute of Mine Pressure

Electric Research Institute;

Blast Engendering Department

Institute of Geology Information System

Disease Manage Research Institute of Building

Research Institute of Nanometer Structure and Nanometer Material

Material Research Institute of Organic Rock

Electronic Materials and Devices Laboratory (EMDL)

Research Institute of Ordinary Ceramic Material

Modern Management Research and Consulting Center

Computer Application Technology Institute

Institute of Information Technology

Research Institute of Mechanical Electronic Engineering

Institute of Design in Machinery

Institute of Machinery Manufacture and Automation

Mineral Products Research Institute

Research Institute of Macromolecules

Institute of Safety Technology

Modern Mining Technology Institute

Institute of E-commerce

Institute of Xi'an ShenYu Human Resources Management

Technological Institute for Economic Research;

Institute of Employment Healthy and Security Science

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