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4.Research Achievements of 2003
2011-12-20 17:25  

Study of fire calamity prediction caused by coal spontaneous combustion and new technology and application of fire extinguishing;
Second-grade award of National scientific and technological progress;

Study on prediction of colliery gas calamity in Hancheng of Shaanxi province and prevention methodology;
Third-grade Award for Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province;

Research and popularization of the fifth generation of intermediate frequency power; Third-grade Award for Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province;

Technical researches on fire extinguish and prevention of colloidal of coal seam spontaneous combustion of gas in mine;
Second-grade award of scientific and technological progress of Shanxi province

Finite element analysis and research of anti -slippery stability of left well J1-No. 5 deep layer of the Three Gorges Projects;
First-grade award of scientific and technological progress in Shanghai;

BZN base high-frequency MLCC porcelain of high-performance low temperature frits temperature stability;
Second-grade award of Science and Technology Prize in Shaanxi Province;

Chemical reactor of mill shape strength and its application in macromolecule material preparation;
First-grade award of Ministry of Education invention Prize;

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