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01 Department of Basic Courses
2011-12-20 17:25  

The Department of Basic Courses enrolled 41 undergraduates to study mechanics teaching in 1977,31 associate-degree students to study chemistry in1988, 40 associate-degree students to study Japanese respectively in 1983 and 1985 ,23 undergraduates to study mathematics teaching in 1986, 27 undergraduates to study physical education teaching. It started to enroll undergraduates of electronics and technology from 1998, 45 students in 1998, 133 in 1999 and 120 in 2000.

The master's degree program of mining engineering mechanics enrolled 17 post-graduates from 1985 to 1996 and was integrated to the master's degree program of rock and soil mechanics in 1996 and cultivated 4 post-graduates. RMB 500,000 Yuan has been invested to the relevant laboratories for enlargement.

The Department of Basic Courses is supported by a powerful teaching team of well-qualified teachers offering more than 80 courses to the associate-degree students, undergraduates, master's degree students and Ph.D students of the university. 9 teachers of the Basic Courses Division were awarded the titles “ National Model Teacher”; 7 Awards of Scientific Progress or Awards for Excellent Teaching have been obtained at the ministerial or provincial level; the laboratory of physics is awarded the model laboratory at the provincial and ministerial level. The students of this university obtained the prizes in the national college mathematics assessment examination and the national college physics assessment examination. The students of this university secured the “Success Prize” in the International Collegiate Mathematics Modeling Contest in 1993. And the students of this university acquired the first and the second places in the national and Shaanxi Provincial collegiate mathematics modeling contests.

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