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02 School of Management
2011-12-20 17:25  

School of Management was set up in 1998 and offers 5 undergraduate programs: accounting, information management and information system; tourism management; engineering management and business management. The first master's degree program is enterprise management and other master's degree programs then offered is management science and technology.

School of management has 19 professors and associate professors, 5 of whom are Ph.D holders and 48 are master's degree holders. It consists of two teaching and research sections of enterprise management and accounting, the laboratory of management and accounting simulation, and computerized accounting, modern management consultation center. To meet the urgent needs of the enterprises under large operation and reform for technological and decision support, the Management College keeps expanding research fields and apply the research results to the operation of the enterprises, and has made noticeable achievements in the research of the system conversion of the enterprise to enterprise group, the formulation and operation of enterprise IS09000 and quality system, the exploitation and application of enterprise management decision system.

Specialty-skills-socialization is the unique quality education pattern practiced to cultivate all-round talents of high quality, practical ability and rich social knowledge in this college. The students are trained to form the habit of self-cultivation and the creative thinking not confined to the book knowledge and the convention, and encouraged to highlight their specialty trait.

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