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03 School of Energy and Resource
2011-12-20 17:25  

The School of Energy and Resource was evolved from the Department of Mining & Metallurgy (later named Department of Mining) of National Northwest Industrial Institute, which was a combination of Jiaozuo Industrial College, Beiyang University, Beiping University and Northeast University. It became a department of Xi'an Jiaotong University in 1957, and one year later (September 15, 1958), Xi'an University of Science and Technology (the former Xi'an Mining Institue) was separated from Xi'an Jiaotong University. At that time, including Xi'an Mining Institute, there was only one mining college with the length of schooling of 5 years in the western region and two all over the country. The Department of Mining was the most important department in the institute when it was established.

The School of Energy and Resource has taken an important status in the field of higher education and scientific research of Mining and Safety in our country. Professor Hou yunguang is the founder of the department of mining engineering. With professor Hou and other teachers' hard work, the School of Energy and Resource has achieved rational specialty structure, excellent teachers and advanced experimental installations.

At present, the School has one national key academic discipline, two key academic disciplines of Shaanxi Province, one key laboratory of Ministry of Education and two key laboratories of Shaanxi Province, The School offers doctoral and master's degrees in Mining Engineering, Safety Technique & Engineering. It is also composed of three undergraduate specialties. There are 12 professors, 10 doctoral supervisors, 9 pluralistic doctoral supervisors and 13 associate professors and senior engineers. 11 teachers have doctoral degree, 38 teachers have master's degree.

Current enrollment in the School includes 77 doctor graduate students, 147 master graduate students, 80 engineering postgraduate students and 857 undergraduate students in mining engineering, safety engineering and construction environment & equipment engineering.

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