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04 School of Architecture and Civil Engineering
2011-12-20 17:25  

School of Architecture and Civil Engineering comes from, the Department of Architectural Engineering which came into existence in 1989 based on two programs, Mine Construction, and Industrial and Civil Engineering. At present, the school is formed of Department of Civil Engineering, Architectural Department, the Experimental Center and the Science and Technology Development Center. Among them are 6 specialized laboratories: Architectural Materials, Rock and Soil Dynamics, Soil Dynamics, Architectural Structure, Explosive Structure, Architectural Physics, and 3 artistic workshops, and the Architectural CAD Studio, the Multi-medium Studio, the Steel Cord Test Station, the Architectural Engineering Design Institute, the Explosive Project Division, Construction Division, Engineering Construction Supervisor Training center.

The School of Architectural and Civil Engineering offers 3 undergraduate programs: Civil Engineering (3 orientations in Architectural Engineering, Rock and Soil Engineering, and Bridge and Tunnel Engineering), Architecture, and Artistic Design; it grants Ph.D in Rock Soil Engineering and master's degree in Rock Soil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering. The Rock Soil Engineering is the key program at the provincial level. It grants master's degrees in Rock Soil Engineering and Structure Engineering to the working applicants, and grants engineering master's degrees in Architecture and Civil Engineering to the working applicants.

The School of Architectural and Civil Engineering has 72 teachers and others, of whom are 9 professors, 5 associate professors, 5 senior engineers. Among them are 8 Ph.D holders, 31 master's degree holders, 7 holders of governmental special allowance, and 3 of the special century-crossing talents at the provincial or the ministerial level. In the past years, the college has undertaken almost 200 projects, of which some are the projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, some are the state pilot ones, some are the ones of the former Ministry of Mine, and some are the commercialized projects in collaboration with enterprises. Commissioned by IACMAG,the college succeeded in sponsoring the 1993 International Application of Computer Methodology to Rock Soil Dynamics and Engineering; it also sponsored successfully the 10th and 19th Mining Program Construction of the National Higher Institutions of Learning respectively in 1989 and in 1999. After long-term efforts, the college has achieved many influential research results, some of which are advanced at the national level or world level, in rock soil dynamics and its mathematical analysis, soil consolidating theory and technology, the development of fast hardening cement fluke rod, the support of mine lane fluke rod, explosive theory and technology, calculation and analysis of the architectural structure, mine construction facility and procedure, the anti-shock underground structure and the disaster prevention and handling, architectural engineering design and decoration technique, and the development of building materials.

Emphasis is always placed on the quality education and learning style of the students in this school. The students are required to master book knowledge first and then encouraged to participate in a variety of extra-curricular contests such as the contests of scientific works, mathematics modeling. Thus are produced a batch of outstanding students; a dozen of students obtained Sun Yueqi Scholarship, Shaanxi Provincial Model Student Title; and 4 students won awards in the National Collegiate Challenge Trophy Extra-curricular Scientific Works.

All the school is vigorously devoted to the construction of the Chinese nation through science and education.

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