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05 School of Mechanical Engineering
2011-12-20 17:25  

School of Mechanical Engineering was set up in June, 2002, which grew out of the Mechanical Engineering Department founded on the basis of mine electromechanical program formed in 1958.The school started recruiting graduate student for a master's degree in 1979. At present, the school has three master's degree programs: Mechanical Design and Theory, M echanical Manufacture and Automation, Electromechanical Engineering, and three bachelor's degree programs: Design and Manufacture of M echanism and Automation, Industrial Engineering, I ndustrial Design. Now there are about 1000 graduate students and bachelor's degree students, and 18 professors and associate professors, 5 senior engineers and 8 Ph.D holders in our school.

The school consists of: Mechanical Engineering Department, Industrial Design Department, Industrial Engineering Department, the Specialized Basic Courses Division of Mechanical Science, the Experimental Center of Mechanical Engineering and three institutes attached to different departments , as a result, forming a system of the teaching and scientific research of the production-teaching- research integration.

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