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07 School of Communication Engineering
2011-12-20 17:25  

Communication program was started in 1985 and developed in the Department of Communication Engineering in 1994 and the School of Communication Engineering in 2002. There are four departments: Communication Engineering; Electronic Information and Technology; Electronic Information Engineering; Science of Electronics and Technology. The School offers four undergraduate programs: Electronic Science and Technology; Communication Engineering; Electronic Information Engineering; Electronic Information Science and Technology, and two associate-degree advanced occupational programs: Communication Engineering and Electronic Commerce. It grants master's degrees in Communication and Information System, and Signal and Information Processing. It has an enrollment of 1700 undergraduates, 300 associate-degree students of advanced occupation, and 55 master's degree students in 2002.

The School of Communication Engineering has a vigorous teaching echelon of rational structure in terms of professional titles and educational qualification. It is supported by one basic experimental and one specialized centers based on 15 laboratories. Nationally advanced communication and information system technology experimental center has been set up in collaboration with more than ten IT enterprises such as Huawei Technologies, Shengzhen Zhongxin Communication Company limited, No.4 Tele-communication and Technology of Ministry of Information Industry and so on.

After long years o f teaching and research, four distinctive research orientations have been developed in signal analysis and information processing, information system and information processing, communication and networks technology, image processing and technology; besides, this school has achieved noticeable academic results in the third mobile communication technology, switch automation information system, specialized communication networks technology, digital image processing and so on.

The school always attaches much importance to the cultivation of comprehensive quality and innovative ability in the students. The students of the school have won one after another prize in the successive national English, mathematics, electronic design and mathematical modeling contests. A number of graduates succeed in pursuing study leading to master's degrees or Ph.D in well-renowned universities such as Beijing Post Communication University, Xi'an Jiaotong University. A great number of the graduates work in well-known IT enterprises such as China Mobile of China, China Telecom, Huawei Technologies

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