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08 Department of Computer Science
2011-12-20 17:25  

Computer science program was started in 1984 and the department in 1994. Two undergraduate programs: Computer Science and Technology; Information and Computer Science. Master's degree is offered in Computer Application. It has an enrollment of 800 undergraduates and 26 students studying for master's degree. The department is staffed by 15 professors and associate professors, of whom 11 are Ph.D holders and 15 master's degree holders. It consists of 5 teaching and research sections and 1 institute. It has fine teaching and research experimental facilities equipped with small-scale computer system, PC local networks and 300 computers, whose fixed asset is ¥ 10 million.

This college has formed its distinctive feature in terms of programs and academic research and achieved many important fruits in network integration and data bank technique, AI and control technique, Image processing technique and so on. Since 1995, it has undertaken 20 scientific projects at the provincial and the ministerial level. This college has obtained many awards at the provincial or ministerial level, and U.N Scientific Star Prize for its project of Oilfield Computer Network and Resources Planning.12 specialized works and textbooks, 230 papers and 11 papers have been indexed by the four international paper indexing agencies.

The college stresses the cultivation of quality and ability in students and the students won many prizes in national and provincial contests. The graduates are widely and greatly needed at the labor market.

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