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09 Department of Geology and Environmental Engineering
2011-12-20 17:25  

The specialty of Geology Engineering in Department of Geology and Environmental Engineering is the most early discipline that can recruit Master degree candidate. The Department consists of 2 undergraduate specialties of Geology Engineering and Environmental Engineering, 9 laboratories, 5 specimens rooms. The Department has one of two sets of earliest important precious international samples China has. The number of professor, associate professor, and doctor is 15. The discovery of Bow Graptolite in Ziyang, Shaanxi province has filled the fossil blank of the Chinese Silurian Stratum Division.

For many years, the Department has already formed several research fields with obvious features: Mathematics Geology and Computer Application, Resources Reconnaissance and Exploiting Technological Condition and Evaluation, Water Resource and Mine Prevention and Water Utilization Technology, Project Reconnaissance Evaluation and Management Technology. New Research fields exploited in the Department are Sewage, Waste Water Processes and Duplicate-use Technology, Mine Environmental Monitoring and Protection, Geological Calamity Evaluation and Prevention, Environmental Protection and Ecology Reconstruction, Poisonous and Harmful Waste Treatment, Clean Coal and Coal Base Fertilizer Technology and so on.

The Department has always stressed domestic and international academic exchange and cooperation. It has already established the long-term stable exchange programs of mutual visit and project cooperation, academic exchange and students, etc. with countries like Holland, the US, Canada, Iceland and so on.

The Department has carried out 6 items of international joint research projects, published 189 theses in the past 5 years and 6 academic monographs; compiled 5 teaching materials nationally used. 25 scientific research projects of the Department have been appraised, 7 projects among them are rated as advanced at the national level; 36 achievements obtain are awarded at different levels. The graduate employment rate has been 100% successively in the past years.

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