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10 Department of Survey Engineering
2011-12-20 17:25  

Department of Survey Engineering was established in 1989, originated from the teaching and research sections of Mine Survey and General Survey of Geology Department. It was approved to award master's degree of engineering in Geodesy and Survey Engineering in 1990, which is the earliest unit that offers master's degree in the western area. At present it has two undergraduate specialties, Survey Engineering and Geographic Information System. In 2002, Survey Engineering was conferred " famous-brand specialty" by the provincial government of Shaanxi, and became one of 31 famous-brand specialties of first batch of universities approved in Shaanxi.

Today, Department of Survey Engineering strengthens cultivation of students tightly, improves management, reforms with keen determination, and regards scientific research as headwork. Regarding improving student's comprehensive quality as the goal, the scientific research and teaching are developed in harmony. We believe, in future not far, the School of Spatial Information (Geomatics) will be born on this rich soil.

Department of Survey Engineering has 30 teaching and administrative staff: 1 professor, 7 associate professors, 4 doctor holders and 16 master holders. It consists of 2 teaching and research sections of survey engineering and geographical information system, 1 experimental center, advanced GIS network laboratory and a workstation of All Digital Photogrammetry which enjoys an international high level


Department of Survey Engineering aims at international academic development. It has already formed 5 researches fields with distinctive characteristics such as Digital Earth and 3S (GPS, GIS, RS) Integrations Technology, Geographical Information System Application Study, Global Orientation System and Surveying New Technology Application Research, Surveying Data Processing, Digital Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Technology, etc.

The Department undertakes and completed digital photogrammetric and remote sensing technical research, GPS application during mine survey and other 16 scientific research projects at provincial and ministerial levels, more than 30 scientific research projects for commercial purpose. Educational reform project "surveying engineering professional personnel training scheme and the content of courses and system of the course study" obtained the first prize of the outstanding teaching achievement of Shaanxi Province.

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