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11 Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
2011-12-20 17:25  

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was established on the basis of the Department of Mineral Engineering, the predecessor of which is the chemical teaching and research section set up in 1994 and Mine Production Institute. Through the development and construction of nearly 10 years, the department offers one doctorate degree in Mine Processing Engineering, three master degree programs in Mineral Processing Engineering, Material Science, Applied Chemistry; two undergraduate programs of Chemical Engineering and Technique and Applied Chemistry. It has formed to be the development patterns of science and engineering combination, wide specialty, distinctive characteristic and powerful scientific research strength.

Relying on the doctors and master's degree programs and disciplines, the department will make great efforts to set up scientific disciplines of chemical informatics, functional high polymer, chemical biology and will pay attention to new developing fields, such as bioengineering, food engineering of engineering discipline. These will help to form group disciplines characteristically based on chemical discipline of High Polymer Science, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Clean Coal Technology and Material Chemistry, and the ordinate discipline development in science and engineering will be realized when Mineral Process, Chemistries, and Chemical Engineering will all be developed at the same time.

The Department owns academic teaching group with attainments and initiative spirits. Among 35 teachers now, 3 are professor, 2 doctorial supervisors, 4 associate professor, 2 senior engineers and 10 lecturers. 11 teachers are doctorate teachers now, and the doctor and master teachers account for 68.2% of the total number. They come from more than 20 universities and colleges of the whole country with diversified educational background and then diverse academic advantages. Besides undertaking the teaching assignments of chemistry and chemical department, they also take on the fundamental chemical courses teaching and experimental teaching now for the whole university.

The department is divided into: the teaching and research section of Chemistry Engineering, the teaching and research section of High Polymer Science and Engineering, the teaching and research section of Mineral Processing Engineering, the teaching and research section of Applied Chemistry, High Polymer Material Institute, Mineral Products Institute, Experimental Center. There are comparatively complete undergraduate course and graduate student's teaching laboratory and high polymer material and chemical practice bases on campus. It has set up field teaching base of the cooperatively with large-scale domestic chemical enterprises, such as Yangzi Petrochemical Company, Lanzhou Chemical Industry Corporation, Northwest Rubber Research Institutes and so on.

Scientific research is active both in basic research and application study to develop scientific research and engineering technology. The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering undertakes the state and local scientific research projects, such as those of fund of National Natural Science, fund of natural science of the province, the provincial pilot projects and key projects at present. Besides, facing the production reality of society, it is also carrying out a large number of cooperative projects, forming characteristics and advantages in many areas, such as Mineral Retrofit with Utilization, Coal Chemical Industry, Coal-base High Polymer and Function Nanometer Composite Material, etc. It builds production-teaching- research cooperation relations with Yangso Science and Technology Company and Coal Clean Energy Company, and also scientific research and exchange relations with the countries, such as Japan, the United States of America, etc. which has created a good environment for internationalized teaching, exploiting new advanced scientific research and training the innovative talents for the scientific fields.

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