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14 Department of Social Sciences
2011-12-20 17:25  

The Department of Social Sciences is a teaching unit that contains Humane Social Science program, offers Marxism theory, Morality and Humane Quality-oriented Education, Political and Administrative Sciences to all the undergraduates of the whole university; and Marxism Theory, Ideological and Political Education to all the postgraduates of the whole university.

The Department of Social Sciences offers master degrees in Marxism theory and Ideological and Political Education and bachelor degree in Political and Administrative Sciences. It is divided into four teaching and research sections of Philosophy, Economics, Literature and History, and Morality. There are 30 teachers, 8 professor and associate professors among them now. The Department has published the monograph, more than 20 textbooks recently and over one hundred theses. It launches the academic activities actively. There are 3 research fields in the Department: Deng Xiaoping's Philosophy Thoughts, Socialist Economic theory and Practice, Ideological and Political Education in High Education, carrying out extensive and profound researches in the fields of Philosophy and Law. It has undertaken many scientific research projects at provincial and ministerial levels.

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