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15 Department of Material Science and Engineering
2011-12-20 17:25  

Department of Material Science and Engineering is one of the new departments in Xi'an University of Science and Technology. The department's predecessor is the Specialty of Mineral Synthetic Utilization. In 1993, the Specialty of Nonmetallic Material of Inorganic was established. Through the development of ten years, two specialities of Bachelor's Degree in Material Science and Engineering, Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials (electronic material and components and parts) and one Master's Degree in Material Science are offered in this department. At the same time it is one of the units that offer the Doctor's Degree of Mineral Processing Engineering in Xi'an University of Science and Technology

For many years, Department of Material Science and Engineering, to meet the requirements for talents of socialist market economy, emphasizes the wide employment, sound education foundation, and strong ability for students. At present, taking Material Science and Engineering, a grade-1 discipline as the base, it forms 5 research orientations with characteristics. They are Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials, Electronic Material and Components and Parts, New-type Composite Material, New-type Building and Ornament Materials, and Function High Polymer Material.

The Department has a batch of teaching teams of keen-witted talents and rational-organized structure. There are 6 professors and associate professor now, among them 5 doctor holders and 6 master degree holders. It has built up specialized laboratories of Material Basic Laboratory, Material Technical Laboratory, Material Test Technology Laboratory, and Many Heat Sources, More to Flowing High Temperature Material Pilot Scale Laboratory.

The Department of Material Science and Engineering are making many achievements in scientific research. It has undertaken national key technological innovation projects, the fund projects of national natural science, national technological innovation plan project and multiple scientific and technological key projects, scientific projects in collaboration with enterprises or at provincial and ministerial levels. The multiple achievements in research have been popularized and applied. The funds of scientific research total more than 6 ¥ RMB million. The department obtains 6 progressive prizes of science and technology at provincial and ministerial levels and prize of t outstanding teaching. The number of the national patents for invention is 5, more than 100 theses are published in well-recognized journals at home and abroad, 30 of which have been indexed by three international major retrieval systems, SCI, EI, ISTP and 8 monographs are published.

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