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16 School of Continuing Education
2011-12-20 17:25  

Continuing education of Xi'an University of Science and Technology began in the year of 1960. Over the development of 40 years, it has formed an intact system for its teaching and management. The School of Continuing Education is responsible for all kinds of adult higher education and adult education with academic credentials. It is also an administrative department or institute,

In recent years, the School of Continuing Education is running the multi-level education of correspondence education, on-the-job refreshing education, short-term training, higher vocational education, self-taught examination, etc. There are more than 1500 students now.

The School of Continuing Education has complete teaching facility, and has steady full-time and part-time faculties. Approved by the educational authorities concerned, the School of Continuing Education established teaching branches in some other provinces, such as Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang, Sichuan, the Inner Mongol, Henan, Shanxi,etc. for helping on-the-job personnel study. The on-the-job personnel can register to have an examination and participate in studying locally. With the approval of Committee of Self-study Examination of Shaanxi Province, it is the key unit in charge of the self-taught examination for specialty of Communication Engineering. The School is divided into the following “Self-taught Examination and Tutorial Center”, “Full-time Teaching Class of Self-taught Examination” and “Self-taught Examination Tutorial Class”.

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