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Refined campus atmosphere is deliberately cultivated to nurture the students in their qualities of politics, morality and ethics, science and technology, and the humanities. Up to a hundred of lectures are offered to students by academicians, renowned experts and writer every year. More and more students participate in the contests of science and technology and our students finished in the first three places consecutively in Shaanxi Provincial Challenge Cup College Students Extra-curricular Scientific Works competition in the past three years, besides, our students have begun to stand out in national mathematics modeling and electronic design competitions and so on. Colorful campus artistic and physical activities display one spiritual look of the campus elites one after another fine performance is presented by the kickboxing team of alien style, by the encouraging military band, by the performance teams of departments with distinctive features, by the highly-spirited teams of football or basketball, by the university performance company and the active student’s societies. Like flowers of different colors and patterns, they form the campus spring of the university.

The university is active in carrying out the logistical reform urged by the new social trend to form a new commercialized logistical system in which assets are redistributed, market is shared, fund is obtained through many different channels, logistics is socially run. The reformed logistics insures the smooth going of the university. In 2001, the provincial leaders concerned and the delegates of the third National Logistics Conference of the Institutions of Higher Education inspected Lintong Campus and gave approval to the achievements in our logistical reform. The university was recognized as the modal unit for its logistical commercialization.

In recent years, the university has been increasingly strengthened party building in ideology, organization and work style to push ideological and political work, and spiritual civilization campaign. To further the university’s reform and enhance the university’s management, more than 20 reform programs have been formulated to bring about powerful support for fast rational development of the university.

In the new era of the 21st century, all the teachers and students are resolute to strive still more with renovation spirit deep in every heart and reform as the urge to construct Xi’an University of Science and Technology into a Widely influential outstandingly-featured multidisciplinary university of education and research in the Western Region of China, to contribute to the rejuvenation of the great Chinese nation.

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