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  Administrative Offics
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 Administrative Offics 
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The President's Office 校长办公室
Office of University Party Committee 校党委办公室
Office of Organization 组织部
Personnel Office 人事处
Discipline Inspection Commission 纪委
Office of Publicity 宣传部
Office of Youth League Committee 团委
International Exchange and Cooperation Office 国际交流与合作处、港澳台事务办公室
Academic Affaires Division (Undergraduate) 教务处
Graduate Division 研究生部
Department of Science and Research 科技处
Office of Discipline Construction 学科办
Library 图书馆
Office of Journal 学报编辑部
Office of Finance 财务处
Office of Audit 审计
Student Affairs Office 学工部
Office of General Services 总务处
Logistic Industry Co. Ltd. 后勤产业有限责任公司
University Trade Union 工会
United Front Work Office 统战部
Office of Campus Infrastructure and Planning 基建处
Office of University Security 保卫处
University Industry Administration 校产办

Office of Retirement 离退处


Office of State-run Assets 国资处
Institute for Higher Education Research 高教研究所
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