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The library of XUST was originally established in 1958. At present, it sets up a branch library at Lintong campus after 44 years, which is 30km away from the head campus. The library in head campus of XUST was built in 1984, with a construction area of 7,200 square meters, library in Lintong campus was built up in 2002 with a construction area of 16,200 square meters, the two library buildings cover an area of 23400 square meters. The two-library buildings hold 18 reading rooms with over 2600 seats altogether.

The library in center campus consists of the Office, Acquisition and Cataloging Department, Circulation Department, Information Department, Automation Department and Technological Service Department. The library in Lintong campus consists of Office, Circulation Department, Periodical Department and Multimedia Reading Department. Since 1984, it has been serving in open shelves; readers can go to the stacks or reading room selecting and borrowing the books freely. The library serves the university faculties and students, and some of the social readers. Weekly open hours are 72.

At present, library stores more than 900,000 volumes of printing documents and books. Electronic resources are enriched constantly in recent years. Chinese and foreign language online and CD database has been successively introduced, such as EI, Springer link, Chinese Periodical Net, CNKI, etc. collected more than 2000 kinds of multimedia CDs. Documents and books in storage are closely combined with the multi-discipline of this university such as coal mining engineering industry, safety technology and engineering, computer science, communications engineering, electric-automation, machinery, material science, geology and environment engineering, civil engineering and architecture, etc. The catalog of the library books in Chinese language uses medium and small-scale classification before 1990; the foreign language books in storage are arranged by Academic Books Classification. After 1990, all the library books and documents in storage are organized by the China Books Classification.

Since 1990s, the library has made important progresses in automation, established advanced and complete information facilities. Since 2000, the library has upgraded the automation system, the "Huiwen Library automation System" which has implemented the overall computerization of the library management. Readers can easily find library-storage on Open Public Automatic Catalogue.

The library has built up network search system as well as 24 hours searching service through university intranet. University faculties and students can search books with catalogue, and access to Internet of retrieve for the electronic document. Libraries offer services of library mutually loan with other university libraries, information consulting, subscriptions document, periodicals report, etc.

Since 1995, library has irregularly launched training program of searching online database. Reading rooms of electronic document were built up respectively in the center campus and Lintong campus. More than 300 computers can link CERNET, Internet, and the domestic and international on-line database. In recent years, the library has progressively allocated abundant electronic resources, and has formed an omni-directional, multi-level, open, high-efficiency documentation-Info service system, taking information service as the important pillar of teaching and scientific research for the university.
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